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Mods' License

I was wondering what license you think should be given to mods. Something that has bothered me with the way KSP does mods (at least as I understand it) is that if the original mod license says that you cannot make modifications then that is what is enforced. This leads to problems where a mods is released but is no longer supported and when it eventually becomes incompatible several releases later no one can do anything about it except create a clone from scratch. How annoying and pointless.

Personally, I think that if you are going to create a mod anyone should be able to modify your mod and release it. Credit should be clearly given for the original mod though. I realize this may lead to multiple forks of a possibly active mod but maybe there is a hybrid solution where forks can be controlled but abandoned mods can be supported by someone new.

Has this already been discussed somewhere and I just haven't seen it?

Re: Mods' License

Cornflakes_91 wrote:You cant enforce any license on any mod.
Its the work of the creator and as such he can slap whichever license on he wants.

BUT you can enforce a licence if the mod want to be distributed by a given, preferred, distribution chanel. You could say that to appear on Josh's best mods website or on any other online platform, a given licence is required (for example Creative Common with attribution, share alike, no "no derivatives") the option of allowing comerical usage being open (and irrelevant).

MOREOVER, Josh could force a mod to have this licence in order to be interpreted and used in the game. For example by checking if there is a standard link to the CC licence at the top or so.

Not saying these are good ideas, but saying it could be managed, if it is desired.

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