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What should be Josh's next project after LT?

Computational optimization
Total votes: 1 (6%)
New text-based programming/scripting language
(No votes)
New visual-metaphor programming system
(No votes)
New DevOps pipeline for software development and maintenance
(No votes)
New general engine for highly-systemic games
Total votes: 1 (6%)
New game: MorrowJosh (open-world fantasy RPG)
Total votes: 7 (44%)
New game: Living World (highly-systemic world-simulation RPG)
Total votes: 1 (6%)
New game: Other
(No votes)
Just support/expand Limit Theory forever
Total votes: 2 (13%)
Total votes: 4 (25%)
Total votes: 16

Re: Josh's Next Project

Josh should make middleware, not another neverending gameproject.
Node-programming, procedural asset generation, dynamic topography (maching cubes), texture generation, etc
something of that kind, licensed to game companies or sold as plugins for 3D software or engines.

..or join a company that needs those skills.

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