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How likely are you to pre-order a game?

I never pre-order anything out of principle
Total votes: 17 (40%)
I never pre-order anything, because I don't have the money or would rather wait for a sale
Total votes: 4 (10%)
I don't typically pre-order, but it does happen on rare occasions
Total votes: 12 (29%)
I only pre-order games from a few select companies and people that I want to support
Total votes: 5 (12%)
I pre-order if I'm excited about a game, or if they have nice things only available to those that do
Total votes: 4 (10%)
I often pre-order when it's available.
(No votes)
I actually find pre-ordering preferable.
(No votes)
Total votes: 42

Re: Pre-ordering games

Flatfingers wrote:
Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:23 pm
I wonder if the I-think-we-skew-older-than-most-game-forums age demographics of this forum have something to do with avoiding pre-ordering?
I am 24 and never preorder out of principle, which proves this wrong if you ignore statistics and stuff like that :ghost:
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Re: Pre-ordering games

Hmm...well I'm one of the oldest souls here and I've preordered several games in the past. I'm not saying it was the wisest action to take but it did provide me with some nice extras which I would have missed if I hadn't. :) On balance I've probably received better deals from some of the games I've crowdfunded. :angel:

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