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How likely are you to pre-order a game?

I never pre-order anything out of principle
Total votes: 17 (40%)
I never pre-order anything, because I don't have the money or would rather wait for a sale
Total votes: 4 (10%)
I don't typically pre-order, but it does happen on rare occasions
Total votes: 12 (29%)
I only pre-order games from a few select companies and people that I want to support
Total votes: 5 (12%)
I pre-order if I'm excited about a game, or if they have nice things only available to those that do
Total votes: 4 (10%)
I often pre-order when it's available.
(No votes)
I actually find pre-ordering preferable.
(No votes)
Total votes: 42

Re: Pre-ordering games

After Spore, I decided never to pre-order again.

Godus was the one exception, because I loved Black and White and thought this would be similar, but instead it's proof Peter Molyneux is full of shit, and that final burn set my refusal in stone.
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Re: Pre-ordering games

Excluding Kickstarter, not pre-ordering is sort of a test of will for me.

I mean, it's not like they're not going to release the game if I don't pre-order one copy.

And I'm never going to feel a need to compete with other people to try to "beat" the game before anybody else does. (Or to be first to release a review or Let's Play video before anybody else.)

So why not wait till it's released?

Note: I might break this rule for System Shock 3.


Re: Pre-ordering games

I've never pre-ordered a game. I've backed several crowdfunded games, but I'm not backing any more until all the ones I've backed have been released.

So far, I've backed Limit Theory, Hiveswap (Homestuck Adventure Game), Armikrog, Star Citizen, and Obduction. Armikrog was released, and it's garbage. Obduction's out too, and what few hours I've played of it I've enjoyed.

I'm not touching Star Citizen until Squadron 42 is out, which might be another decade. :ghost: Hiveswap is coming out September 14th. As for LT, you guys know the story. I don't mind crowdfunding because it's supporting a game that won't happen otherwise, but pre-ordering rubs me the wrong way most of the time. When companies that have turned out big name games before start asking for my money before I get my hands on their product, it kinda feels like I'm being used as their insurance plan. I don't wanna spend $60 on a turd when the existence of said turd is a financial and statistical certainty. Maybe it won't suck, or maybe they have a reasonable return policy, but I don't want to wind up in the situation where it does and they don't.
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Re: Pre-ordering games

I have never pre ordered a game. I think its just silly, and just a way to create an early revenue stream from fans.
(just like "season passes", special editions and DLC, are a way to have price-discrimination to increase profits)

I try now to let a game "boil" a while after release, so its likely to be more enjoyable when starting it the first time.
Preferably when discounted collections with the main addons come out.

Re: Pre-ordering games

Damocles wrote:
Wed Aug 30, 2017 5:53 am
(just like "season passes", special editions and DLC, are a way to have price-discrimination to increase profits)
When you paint dlc as negative then season passes are the lesser evil there because they usually cost less than all the dlc and goodies they encapsulate would cost in sum :P

And theres also a couple of dev studios whos DLC programs are mostly great. Like paradox with pmuch all their games and the borderlands games which are released in a perfectly fun and worth-the-money state and then get significant upgrades with every dlc whichs extra content significantly undercuts my personal 1€/hr of game time mark of "was it worth it"

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