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How Happy Are You

I'm Fantastic! My life's great!
Total votes: 2 (8%)
I'm doing pretty good, a few issues but nothing major
Total votes: 8 (32%)
I'm doing well, but there's a lot on my mind
Total votes: 3 (12%)
I'm okay, I guess...
Total votes: 5 (20%)
I've been better
Total votes: 2 (8%)
Eh, not really great but could be worse
(No votes)
It sucks, there are a few things alright but most of my life is shit
(No votes)
FML... :(
(No votes)
Things used to suck but it's starting to look up
Total votes: 3 (12%)
Things used to be good, but it's falling apart
(No votes)
I'm pretty sure I have clinical depression, the world is always awful and I don't even know what happiness feels like anymore.
Total votes: 2 (8%)
Total votes: 25

Re: How Happy Are You

im doing ok, but i somehow lack the motivation to tackle bigger Problems forming on the horizon.

Also the airconditioning in my car broke and its really hot currently. (Which is a minor thing but it bugs me to no end.)
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Re: How Happy Are You

Our van's AC compressor broke three years ago, but it cost $900 to fix, so we waited two years to do it. I drove that thing several times a week, and after parking it in the sun, the temperature inside was high enough to make my water bottle emit steam, and I'd have to drive a good twenty minutes in that heat.

I live in Phoenix, Arizona. :ghost:

On the plus side, I'm now much more tolerant of high temperatures than I used to be. :squirrel:

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