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How Happy Are You

I'm Fantastic! My life's great!
Total votes: 2 (8%)
I'm doing pretty good, a few issues but nothing major
Total votes: 8 (32%)
I'm doing well, but there's a lot on my mind
Total votes: 3 (12%)
I'm okay, I guess...
Total votes: 5 (20%)
I've been better
Total votes: 2 (8%)
Eh, not really great but could be worse
(No votes)
It sucks, there are a few things alright but most of my life is shit
(No votes)
FML... :(
(No votes)
Things used to suck but it's starting to look up
Total votes: 3 (12%)
Things used to be good, but it's falling apart
(No votes)
I'm pretty sure I have clinical depression, the world is always awful and I don't even know what happiness feels like anymore.
Total votes: 2 (8%)
Total votes: 25

Re: How Happy Are You

im doing ok, but i somehow lack the motivation to tackle bigger Problems forming on the horizon.

Also the airconditioning in my car broke and its really hot currently. (Which is a minor thing but it bugs me to no end.)
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Re: How Happy Are You

Our van's AC compressor broke three years ago, but it cost $900 to fix, so we waited two years to do it. I drove that thing several times a week, and after parking it in the sun, the temperature inside was high enough to make my water bottle emit steam, and I'd have to drive a good twenty minutes in that heat.

I live in Phoenix, Arizona. :ghost:

On the plus side, I'm now much more tolerant of high temperatures than I used to be. :squirrel:

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Re: How Happy Are You

A tad emotional right now, but I just wanted to thank this community. You fine people of this forum and LT have been the best part of my life for several years now. You're all amazing, and I'm proud to be among you! 😀 Alone, the promise of LT and the great community around it has kept me going through very tough times over the past few years.

For someone with an experience with depression where nothing is interesting or worth doing or watching or reading or experiencing, LT has managed to capture me like fly paper and I love it. And you guys know who you are, brothers (and frankly not enough sisters) and friends who would be welcome into my home. Others, I have deep respect respect for, even if we have disagreements, as we have good debates and discussions on what boils down to "how to create the coolest multiverse" :) Thanks guys!
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