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Assuming they're "done well", do you enjoy earning achievements?

Achievements are awesome, and I'm very disappointed that Josh won't be adding them.
Total votes: 2 (5%)
I love trying to earn achievements, and try to earn them in a lot of the games I play.
Total votes: 3 (7%)
They can be fun, and sometimes I try to earn them if I like a game, but not always.
Total votes: 15 (35%)
It's neat to see them pop up sometimes, but they don't add much gameplay value for me.
Total votes: 15 (35%)
I don't really pay them any attention at all. (Alternatively: what? What are achievements?)
Total votes: 5 (12%)
Occasionally they bug me if I see them too often, but I mostly don't notice.
Total votes: 1 (2%)
They annoy me somewhat, but I deal with it and pretend they don't exist.
(No votes)
I prefer platforms that don't have achievements partly because they get on my nerves.
Total votes: 1 (2%)
Achievements are one of the worst things that have ever happened to games.
Total votes: 1 (2%)
Total votes: 43

Re: Steam Achievements

I love non-hidden achievements that push you to learn a new system in game, or is a challenge.
Looking at my achievements for X3 TC, I'm one of the 1% who finished the entire game in DiD mode. Something I probably wouldn't have tried if there wasn't an achievement for it.

Seeing how broad the gameplay in LT will be, I'll be missing the achievements that expose game mechanics.
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