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Which of these classic games have you played?

Sim: The Oregon Trail (1971)
Total votes: 9 (7%)
Text Adventure: Colossal Cave Adventure (1976)
Total votes: 2 (1%)
Text Adventure: Zork (1977) (full DEC version or Zork I/II/III)
Total votes: 6 (4%)
Multiplayer RPG: MUD1 (1978) / MUD2 (1985) / British Legends (1987)
(No votes)
Roguelike: Rogue (1980) / Hack (1985) / NetHack (1987)
Total votes: 9 (7%)
RPG: Ultima (1981)
Total votes: 4 (3%)
Flight Sim: Microsoft Flight Simulator (1982)
Total votes: 7 (5%)
Sim: M.U.L.E. (1983)
Total votes: 2 (1%)
Space Sim: Elite (1984)
Total votes: 9 (7%)
Graphical Adventure: King's Quest (1984)
Total votes: 8 (6%)
Total votes: 9 (7%)
Platformer: Metroid (1986)
Total votes: 5 (4%)
Total votes: 6 (4%)
Sports Sim: John Madden Football (1988)
Total votes: 1 (1%)
God Game: Populous (1989)
Total votes: 9 (7%)
Sim: Sim City (1989)
Total votes: 20 (15%)
Space Combat: Wing Commander (1990)
Total votes: 12 (9%)
JRPG: Final Fantasy (1990 [US])
Total votes: 3 (2%)
4X: Civilization (1991)
Total votes: 11 (8%)
Total votes: 3 (2%)
Total votes: 135

Classic Games Part 1: 1971 - 1991

I've been thinking about classic computer games recently, and eventually I found myself making a list. As I did, I wondered: how many of these legendary games have folks here played? So I thought I'd make a poll about it.

Which then had to turn into two polls, since only 20 choices are currently permitted here.

How many of these have you played?

(There are plenty of these I haven't played myself. And I will understand if there are some favorites that aren't on this list -- there wasn't room for some of my personal favorites, either. I tried to select games that, whether I played them or not, are generally held to be important in one way or another. If anyone feels I left out too many, please feel free to create an additional poll!)

Re: Classic Games Part 1: 1971 - 1991

Pacman was on everything..... :shock: . . . . :ghost:
[/1980 – Arcade[2]
1981 – Atari 2600, Atari 800[2][3] (See Pac-Man for Atari 2600)
1982 – Commodore VIC-20, Atari 5200, Atari 8-bit[4][5][6]
1983 – Apple II, Commodore 64, IBM PC (PC booter), Intellivision[7][8][9][10]
1984 – Nintendo Entertainment System, MSX[11][12]
1990 – Game Boy[13]
1991 – Game Gear[14]
1999 – Neo Geo Pocket Color, Game Boy Color[15][16]
2003 – Mobile[17]
2006 – Xbox Live Arcade, iPod Classic[18][19]
2007 – Virtual Console[20]
2010 – Windows Phone 7

and that just the original version.
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Re: Classic Games Part 1: 1971 - 1991


I just saw a fascinating bit of news: with the approval of the original developer, Eric S. Raymond will make the 1995 C source code for the Crowther & Woods Colossal Cave Adventure available via GitHub.

So all you who never played this seminal game will, once ESR cleans up the code and adds it, have no excuse not to try it out.

Expect some frustration, if you play it like one of today's games. This was one of the earliest text parsers for a game (yes, simpler even than Zork's), so you have to figure out what it understands. (That used to be considered part of the fun.)

But the reward will be to really get the in-jokes that have persisted for four decades now: XYZZY, plugh, and getting lost in a maze of twisty passages, all alike....

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