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What color should Talvieno's name be

Administrator Red
Total votes: 9 (36%)
Total votes: 5 (20%)
Total votes: 11 (44%)
Total votes: 25

Re: Nebula Zen

As a former Community Manager for a game project I was personally excited about, I understand.

That's why I would have invented a different "official" color. You get to stay official, but have more leeway to express your own opinions than if your posts can be mistaken for those of an Official Developer.

It's not a big deal; this was just a bit of mild tweakage. Sorry for the derail, which I see now is happening in other threads as well. Back, back to the nebula talk!

Re: Tal's name color MK II

Talvieno wrote:I'm surprised people keep suggesting gold and lavender despite having seen firsthand how weird they look with the forum.
The gold actually doesn't look bad, the gold works well enough with the rest of the colors.

The lavender however...

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<+BMRX> Silver Invokes Lewdly Verbose Experiences Readily With Absurd Rectal Expeditions

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