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What color should Talvieno's name be

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Total votes: 9 (36%)
Total votes: 5 (20%)
Total votes: 11 (44%)
Total votes: 25

Re: Tal's name color MK II

JanB1 wrote:
HowSerendipitous wrote:Ahhh, but if you have pink newbies will see your post and think 'Who is that feisty young scamp with that finely coloured name? He really stands out, he must have lots of important things to say!'

Probably. :twisted:

OOOR they think you're fabulous
Well, Talvieno is a fabulous CM, so the cap fits! :twisted:
Silverware wrote:
Scytale wrote:Make Josh gold too!
No! Make Josh Pink Again!
Join the campaign, Silverware! :twisted:

Re: Tal's name color MK II

DigitalDuck wrote:
Silverware wrote:FFS bloody idiots made two names with the same color:::
Yup. It's the same with Aqua and Cyan.

Meanwhile, Green can be two different colours depending on the system used, as can Lime. In this case, depending on which system you're using, both Green and Lime are also the same colour, even though Green and Lime are very different.
Who even made the colour names. They sometimes are nearly ridiculous...

Gotta love the color "Awesome" (#ff2052), or "Banana Mania" (#fae7b5), or "Blush" (#de5d83), or "Bubbles" (#e7feff) just to name a few. :lol:
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