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Total votes: 5 (22%)
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Total votes: 7 (30%)
Total votes: 23

Re: What color should Talvieno's name be?

Thanks Hi :).
It never ceases to amaze me how tenacious this community has been over the years. The hype for the game still stands steadfast for me. I will continue lurking until the game is released or the heat death of the universe.
But until that time this lurker shall keep on lurking.
It has been a pleasure seeing this place so perpetually active,
Farewell community manager!
*crawls back into the woodwork never to be seen again*

Re: What color should Talvieno's name be?

Talvieno wrote:I was lavender earlier, and nobody liked it. :P So I switched it back.
Well, if you look again at the poll, a minority of people outright disliked it. Everyone else was mixed, positive, or neutral (i.e. it's basically fine even if they don't love it).

It was 7 dislike, 8 not dislike. Too small a sample size to begin with anyway (probably ought to have let it cooked overnight or for a few days), but while there was an overwhelmingly noisy opinion, it was only a plurality.

I would have voted positively (because lavender was my suggestion to begin with), but alas, you have reverted and the poll is useless now.
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Re: What color should Talvieno's name be?

I thought it looked fine. If anything, you need to be able to distinguish yourself from the other mods because you stand above the rest in some regard. If someone wants to ask questions, they need to have an easy way to know where to go. While I don't recommend red since that seems more reserved for development team, I also don't think green is the way to go since you're definitely more than a moderator.

I'm not a fan of other colors that are close to existing categories (i.e. anything yellow/gold may be too close to elder council). As for the lavender, I use the purple Limit Theory color scheme and thought it looked just fine. It also went well with your avatar colors.
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