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Re: What color should Talvieno's name be?

Talvieno wrote:
Cornflakes_91 wrote:Why not just admin red?
Tal is speaking with crew authority -> gets the crew color.
I would be happy with this. My votes went with green and red. I don't personally like the lavender much and actually originally suggested to Josh that we keep my color the same as it was before.
Why don't you just give in to the suggestion that Josh made and wear the jacket of gold, Nathan? He'd get a warm fuzzy feeling because it was his suggestion and the members could all wear sunglasses to deal with the glare.

The added advantage would be the coolness factor of this Community. :mrgreen:

Re: What color should Talvieno's name be?

Yes, but it looks rather odd with the rest of the forum colors.

I'm going to tentatively propose the #2 winner, as it seems > 75% of people are unhappy with the current solution. Specifically, This color.

Alternatively, we could just go with Josh Red instead and have it be the standard "staff" color. Orrrr I could just leave it as it is.

Regardless, I'm really glad I didn't switch to purple.
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