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What LT features would you be willing to give up?

Individual character AI guiding ship behavior
Total votes: 5 (5%)
Large-scale conflict/economic activity
Total votes: 5 (5%)
Dynamic level-of-detail (LOD) scaling
Total votes: 1 (1%)
Procedurally expanding universe
Total votes: 5 (5%)
Procedurally generated ships and stations
Total votes: 2 (2%)
Atmospheric graphics
Total votes: 4 (4%)
Total votes: 18 (16%)
Ship designer/editor
Total votes: 7 (6%)
Ship component configuration
Total votes: 3 (3%)
Emergent production-based economy
Total votes: 2 (2%)
Tactical dogfighting
Total votes: 5 (5%)
Fleet operations
Total votes: 5 (5%)
Strategic empire management
Total votes: 10 (9%)
(No votes)
Total votes: 5 (5%)
Total votes: 7 (6%)
Asteroid mining
(No votes)
Detailed scanner/sensor operations
Total votes: 4 (4%)
Information as a commodity
Total votes: 11 (10%)
Slick, highly configurable user interface (UI)
Total votes: 12 (11%)
Total votes: 111

Re: Which Features Would You Cut?

BFett wrote:How do you define "strategic empire management"?
For the purposes of this poll, it's really just all the asset management and faction-expansion gameplay that's at a larger scale than the RTS fleet-flinging.

These are the control features that would start to be useful once you lead a faction that controls, say, 10+ star systems. Around that point, rather than directing every action yourself and enjoying immediate results, you'd want to be able to start setting policies to be pursued by your lieutenants that (should) lead to a stable and (if you want) expanding empire over time.

So, basically, strategic empire management would be the phase of the game where you're acting indirectly for long-term results, rather than directly for near-immediate results.

There's no reason why a game with factions and a procedurally-expanding universe couldn't support this kind of play layered on top of the RTS gameplay. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's necessary for LT 1.0 (especially if player control of factions is not implemented in that version). But I believe it would be fun for a non-zero number of fans of Limit Theory.

Going by the poll results so far, apparently those "fans" are just me. :D I guess we'll see at some point.

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