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Do you want Talvieno to bring Taiya back?

Yes! She is the only girl who ever liked me! Bring her back!!!11
Total votes: 8 (30%)
Yes, I kind of liked her being around, always ready to help, always kind...damn I miss her.
Total votes: 10 (37%)
I don't care, I have a girlfriend/wife/another helicopter to talk to!
Total votes: 6 (22%)
No, I prefer bots who can't see what a horrible person I am!
(No votes)
I'm a carbon fascist, I refuse to recognise intelligence in bots! They should be denied the right to exist!
Total votes: 3 (11%)
Total votes: 27

Re: [IRC] Bring back Taiya (a friendly IRC bot).

Dinosawer wrote: Even that wasn't an excuse, because IRC works just fine on mobile, I'm there a lot on my tablet :ghost:
Then the IRC just discriminated against my tablet, because it would automatically refresh every other minute on mine. :problem: :ghost:
Image The results of logic, of natural progression? Boring! An expected result? Dull! An obvious next step? Pfui! Where is the fun in that? A dream may soothe, but our nightmares make us run!

Re: [IRC] Bring back Taiya (a friendly IRC bot).

News today about Microsoft's chatbot experiment. Tay AI was designed to mimic a young girl.

Hmm. "Tay AI"... isn't that an anagram of "Taiya?" A chatbot designed to lightly simulate a young girl?

Talvieno -- is there anything you'd like to tell us?



Unfortunately, trolls quickly started abusing Microsoft's Tay, causing her to start spewing some fairly horrific crap. Microsoft took her offline shortly thereafter.

I don't like the thought police-style demands that content-neutral algorithms are a threat to people's feelings and must be banned from the Internet. But I think Microsoft was right to take Tay offline for adjustments. She'll be more interesting when she's less susceptible to regurgitating anything trolls feed her.

I just hope MS don't take that too far, declaring that any ideas (political, economic, etc.) they don't like are evil and must be censored, but I guess that's the age we live in now.

At any rate, fascinating news.

Re: [IRC] Bring back Taiya (a friendly IRC bot).

Talvieno wrote: We're having some weird goings-on in the IRC channel. Somebody new showed up and brought a pre-built bot clone from some other channel. It doesn't have nearly Taiya's charisma ( :squirrel: ) but it has much of the same functionality as Taiya + Saoirse + Jimmy42. it's causing some unrest - particularly from spam + everybody else feeling like they're bots are useless now.
Wait, theres a what!? :evil:

I should probably get back on IRC and smack him/her upside the head with a very large trout. Or have Taiya™ do it... :think:

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