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Pick your favorite five, and rank in post

Babylon 5
Total votes: 13 (6%)
Battlestar Galactica
Total votes: 18 (8%)
Dr. Who
Total votes: 23 (10%)
Total votes: 10 (4%)
Total votes: 32 (14%)
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Total votes: 22 (10%)
Star Trek
Total votes: 30 (13%)
Star Wars
Total votes: 33 (15%)
Total votes: 29 (13%)
Toilet Paper
Total votes: 13 (6%)
Total votes: 223

Re: How would you rank these space sci-fi franchises?

Star Trek: The Next Generation helped shape much of my thinking as I grew up with it, and will forever stand at number one. The Next generation tackled racism, bigotry, torture, inequality, cold war and genocide, it also encouraged curiosity, philosophy and ethics. Besides that it was original, diverse, well paced and fun. It had great characterisation, narrative progression and plot. (most of the time, even TNG had its weaker plots)

Firefly was a breath of fresh air when I first saw it, late at night, on tv, as it was the first television show I'd seen in a long long time that was character driven instead of plot driven, and subverted many tedious tropes and clichés. I'm sure that if it had lasted more than one season, Joss Whedon would eventually have fucked it up by going to his safe zone of maudlin drama, but the constant pressure of cancellation pushed the writers to excel and led to strong plots and witty dialogue. A show that was well paced and fun, and full of adventure as behoves any science fiction setting.

Star Wars has lost some of its lustre for me in recent years, but it opened up a universe full of philosophy and imagination, and while George Lucas is a terrible director and screenwriter, he did create some of the most magical settings I have seen. (such as the underwater city of the Gungans, and the faux Italian architecture of Naboo) I thank him like I would thank Sigmund Freud for Psychology, despite Freud probably being a terrible psychologist, he did found a new science. Industrial Light and Magic pushed the boundaries of special effects and allowed film to progress beyond the stale sets we had known until then. I've enjoyed the universe George Lucas created, even when it took studios like Obsidian Entertainment to make better use of its potential.

Lastly, Stargate had a terrific premise and while the show ultimately failed at exploration, the first few seasons were remarkably good. Plus Richard Dean Anderson, my childhood hero. I still recall fondly an episode in which O'neill and Teal'c are stuck in a time loop.

Toilet paper is my last choice, mostly because my list ends after those four.

Re: How would you rank these space sci-fi franchises?

Place 1: Hitchhikers Guide (mostly based on the books). Because it's a brilliant kind of funny.
Place 2: Firefly. Has more/deeper plot than most other franchises
Place 3: Babylon 5. Space battles FTW.
Place 4: Battlestar Galactica (mostly based on the old series). Space battles FTW again, but cannot quite keep up with Babylon 5.
Place 5: Star Trek. Does not always succeed in being consistent and philosophical, but points for effort :angel:

Plus a special favorite of mine, which was not in the poll: ... Pirkinning

Re: How would you rank these space sci-fi franchises?

I am first and foremost a Star Wars fan. Then hitchhikers because I was able to form my own opinions on them. I liked Star Trek Voyager and would probably like the other series had the overzealous fans not given me enough reason to avoid them altogether.

Oh, and here's an interesting site I found not too long ago.
We noticed that this thread got a little side-tracked into a conversation about eating spaghetti with a spoon. We do enjoy our fair share of italian food, but please remember to keep discussion on-topic when posting on the forums.

Re: How would you rank these space sci-fi franchises?

Jazehiah wrote: Oh, and here's an interesting site I found not too long ago.

except that star wars ships dont show their power by far in the actual damage they produce.

for example the slave one's main gun power output is no way near the 2kt/shot they claim on that site
here (at around 1:33) the slave one hits a small rock and it bursts apart.
that impact is no 2 kilotons of energy deposited in that rock.
a ton or two maybe, comparing with modern day mining activities.

same thing for AT-AT's for example, which would have a similar main cannon per-shot output, if not more, and they hit like modern day artillery shells.
if they had those kiloton outputs the site is proclaiming the battle of hoth would have been a nuclear wasteland.

its the same situation for big ships, based on the effects that hits have on hull material, those shots cannot have gigaton impact energies.
as there were lots of situations where simple kinetic impact created huge damage, which is far far far away from being gigaton ranged.
if those cannons had gigaton shots, the ships would poof like tissue paper.

Re: How would you rank these space sci-fi franchises?

Talvieno wrote:Is Dune available to read online anywhere? Out of curiosity... :) I'd prefer a physical book, but lacking that, well...
They are all under strict copyright, Nathan, so I'm not sure. And it's not the case that you will want to stop after the original Dune novel as the sequels are well worth reading. You're probably aware I love them all, the originals and the newer submissions. It's a lot of reading if you find them interesting, my friend. :angel:

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