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Do you think LT will ever be finished?

You're a cowardly twinklebottom and I will enjoy imagining your face on all the ships I blow up once I get to play LT you bad person you.
Total votes: 4 (80%)
Absolutely! No doubt whatsoever, unexpected holds just happens.
(No votes)
I'm a bit concerned. But I think it's a lot more likely that It'll get done.
(No votes)
Maybe, Maybe not. Either way I still come back with the hope it does get done.
(No votes)
I'm starting to seriously doubt it. I will believe it once I start seeing videos again.
Total votes: 1 (20%)
I dont think It'll get done. My interest is practically gone now.
(No votes)
Total votes: 5

Re: How strong is your confidence that LT will get done?

Locking topic for a few reasons;

1) Even if all the mods ignore locking the topic, Josh himself will lock it.
2) Despite differing opinions on the topic, the idea we want to propagate in the forums is that the game WILL be completed.
3) The topic and as evidenced by the first couple responses only show that this topic will turn vitriolic.
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