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Re: Who's willing to work on the LT wiki?

The wiki (and we) are still around, we're just not working on it atm, because there's not really stuff we can add anymore until the game is actually out. If you do find stuff you think should be there, feel free. :)

:think: Maybe I should add the stylesheet from the REKT wiki to the LT wiki too? It looks neater (thanks to the allmighty CSS powers of Talvieno) :ghost:
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Re: Who's willing to work on the LT wiki?

I like the idea of taking the format from the REKT page and using it for the LT wiki Dino. We can just keep the background and text color black and white as it currently is.

Squared, if you are up to the task you could go through the devlogs and read up on the features Josh implemented back in 2013-14. Just look for things which are related to game features and then edit or create new wiki pages on them. Adding some images from the dev videos might be appropriate for placeholder purposes. Besides that there really isn't much to do until we have the beta in our hands (or the release version).

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