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Who's willing to work on the LT wiki?

Since anticipation for Limit Theory seems to be waning, I'd like to propose that we the community create a through list of features that are confirmed to be within Limit Theory. This list would contain descriptions of each item, the completion status, and the dates of when the feature was last seen.

The goal of this project is to keep the community busy until release and to spark conversation about items which may have been glanced over. By using the resources available to us we should be able to create an in-depth post about what makes LT different from other space games.

Are you up to the challenge?

Re: LT community challenge

codeape wrote:What is it?

EDIT: Sorry ... my fever made me miss the important part. Still Maybe though.
Simply put, the event is about the community working together to get a greater understanding of the completion status of Limit Theory. The community would search through media that Josh has provided and condense it into a list of features. So, for starters we could work from the kickstarter stretch goals, find all information pertaining to them and describe about how complete the items are.

No one is against anyone else, we are all working together to piece together a picture of what Limit Theory looks like today.

Re: LT community challenge

Dinosawer wrote:The problem is that that wiki is hosted by Katoronen who hasn't been online in two months. There also seem to have been some minor spambot activity :think:
really? havent seen that last week when i was adding a few things to the wiki...

edit: removed that 2 pages to the best of my abilities, but im no sysop
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Re: Who's willing to work on the LT wiki?

Grumblesaur wrote:What the hell is this (NSFW) doing on there?
That's the old wiki Katorone made and hosts, but he kind of disappeared and nobody else has admin rights so it's been overrun with bots and nobody can remove them.
BFett started the new "official" wiki over here.
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Re: Who's willing to work on the LT wiki?

You know what, I doubt anyone really remembers me, I would like to help. I have no clue what I would do but I have grown too far from a comunity that I loved to be apart of. I want to be back here.

Also this is a very old thread so I am not sure what the current situation is anyway, I did sign up though.
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