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What style would you prefer for the LT interface?

The soft, rounded assets interface
Total votes: 69 (62%)
The Hard, angular market interface
Total votes: 42 (38%)
Total votes: 111

Re: Do You like it Hard or Soft?

YroehtTimil wrote:@ Idunno:

According to the Urban Dictionary, ( there are 148 "definitions" of the word muffin. In the interests of clarity in this vague Internet world of ours, I would invite you to select the definition that most closely relates to what you meant. ;)
Now now, that would ruin the surprise. :shh:
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Re: Do You like it Hard or Soft?

DigitalDuck wrote:No, it's a recent photo.
You look good in that picture!
Graf wrote:So what happens when someone doesn't have an avatar (yet)? :?
Scytale wrote:I have the same question =P
You guys are just so transparent. I see right through you. :monkey:

This thread is now full of win from the rest of you. :thumbup:
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