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Do you like the green health bar displayed in RTB #1? (comment below as to why)

Yes, keep it in
Total votes: 49 (74%)
Yes, but something needs changed
Total votes: 13 (20%)
No, but just change it a little
Total votes: 3 (5%)
No, get rid of it
Total votes: 1 (2%)
Total votes: 66

Re: Green Health Bar: Keep or Toss?

Cornflakes_91 wrote:would be weird if my turrets, which have to reach through the armor, cannot be damaged while the plate they are sitting on is intact....

if at all i'd limit that to internal systems
You're correct.

As for repairing - it could be done in a way that self-repair in space is (much?) slower than in spaceport. Or you can't repair hull, only the internal systems?

Re: Green Health Bar: Keep or Toss?

hmm self repair.

Should be money/equipment question

like normal gear
"sort of a self repair" where you can keep the ship together and restore modules to a 1/10th ? and so on

or restrict self repair to how complex sth. is.
Tape a wing back on? easy (lets assume it is easy) fixing a hole in a nuclear reactor, not so easy.

simple self repair should be able to bring you to the next station

advanced self repair should keep you in sort of a fighting condition (max. 70 % ?) something like that without external help or expensive equipment.

on topic keep the green things :thumbup: .
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Re: Green Health Bar: Keep or Toss?

Since LT is going to be more "Freelancer 2.0" than anything else, I say let's just stick with the basic shield + hull. Adding in a layer in between mostly sounds like semantics and could muddle the waters for those not following the forums for the game theory-crafting of something between the two.
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