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What do YOU want the soundtrack of LT to be like?

I want more of what Josh has on Soundcloud!
Total votes: 34 (22%)
What is Soundcloud?!?! I just want cool spacey sounding stuff.
Total votes: 6 (4%)
I want the soundtrack to be similar to a particular game. (Name it in the thread!)
Total votes: 5 (3%)
I want my space opera to be played with an opera in the background.
Total votes: 8 (5%)
I want singing monks! And their bowls too! (If we use longplayer [ ] then we don't even have to worry about running out of music!)
Total votes: 8 (5%)
I want to have an option to make my own soundtrack by importing playlists into a music player in game.
Total votes: 16 (10%)
I want some good old Classic Rock while I'm mining.
Total votes: 9 (6%)
I want some kickass Alternative Music when I am weighing my options.
Total votes: 4 (3%)
I want some Ambient Music. (404, Pun not found.)
Total votes: 26 (17%)
I want some American Country music, so I can fly around in space like a cowboy.
Total votes: 3 (2%)
I honestly don't care. I'm going to have my I-Pod plugged in to listen to. There aren't any sounds in space anyway.
Total votes: 2 (1%)
Power Ballads, while I get blown up in slow motion.
Total votes: 7 (5%)
I want some Blues, so I can be like Voyager 1.
Total votes: 5 (3%)
Jazz, so I can make my fleets do Jazz hands in formation.
Total votes: 5 (3%)
Soul music, so I can get on the spacey soul trains and be soulfull.
Total votes: 5 (3%)
I want some other kinds of music, ones that are important to me, but obviously not to you, as they are not listed in the poll. (Just a heads up, this is by no means a list of my favorite types of music. I just wrote whatever popped into my head. Leave your answers in the comments!)
Total votes: 12 (8%)
Total votes: 155

Re: LT Soundtrack

I think we have two tracks from Francois? And about three or four from Josh. It's not exactly a universe-spanning sample space.

No offence to Josh, but to me Francois is the more meaningful (inasmuch as ambient music can be meaningful) and acoustically diverse. Josh has good tunes, but I think the real skill is with Francois. But of course YMMV

Re: LT Soundtrack

I got more out of Josh's music personally. Francios was cool, but... I don't know, the vibe just wasn't as good imho. Either way, I am going out on a limb and am going to assume some from both are going to be included.

I kind of hope to see ("What are you, a synesthete?" You know what I mean. ;) ) something like this:

Why there is an entire album on youtube? :eh: I don't know, but I am going to purchase that album, as it is nice and relaxing for calc homework.

Maybe Francios has better stuff for the soundtrack, but some calming ambient music for mining, which kicks into some awesome sounding electronic orchestral-ness when you get attacked by pirates would be cool. I just hope there is enough music to hold it together for the long haul.
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Re: LT Soundtrack

BFett wrote:I would love to see some fan made Limit Theory music come to light. Does anyone here compose music?

I may even try to make something with the FRACT OSC game's music lab.
I do, but not right now. I also wonder what music would take to be "LT music", since we haven't heard the soundtrack yet :ghost:
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Re: LT Soundtrack

It must have been a little discouraging for him lately, Flat. Especially during the time of the silence and the chance that his work would remain unheard by the masses.

It will be one of the highlights of my Limit Theory experience. On a glorious physical CD no less. :D :D

Re: LT Soundtrack

Well, not to express Francois's views for him, but I know of some creative types who, while they wouldn't mind seeing one of their projects go public, have a more mundane reaction: "Did the check clear?"


More seriously, I'm hoping his visit today implies a fresh burst of musical activity prior to a beta or actual release of LT.

It could happen.

Re: LT Soundtrack

Flatfingers wrote:More seriously, I'm hoping his visit today implies a fresh burst of musical activity prior to a beta or actual release of LT.

It could happen.
It could....but I've seen Francois visiting the forums in such a manner before. He tends to read a few posts and disappear again....without comment.

Still, I can only hope you are correct, Flat, and the great LT project is truly moving towards its climax rather more precipitously than I suspect.

I do tend to gravitate towards optimism... most of the time. ;) :angel:

Re: LT Soundtrack

Speaking of sound tracks, does anyone know where to find the most common piece of music that has shown up in most of the Dev-Updates? :think:
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