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What do YOU want the soundtrack of LT to be like?

I want more of what Josh has on Soundcloud!
Total votes: 34 (22%)
What is Soundcloud?!?! I just want cool spacey sounding stuff.
Total votes: 6 (4%)
I want the soundtrack to be similar to a particular game. (Name it in the thread!)
Total votes: 5 (3%)
I want my space opera to be played with an opera in the background.
Total votes: 8 (5%)
I want singing monks! And their bowls too! (If we use longplayer [ ] then we don't even have to worry about running out of music!)
Total votes: 8 (5%)
I want to have an option to make my own soundtrack by importing playlists into a music player in game.
Total votes: 16 (10%)
I want some good old Classic Rock while I'm mining.
Total votes: 9 (6%)
I want some kickass Alternative Music when I am weighing my options.
Total votes: 4 (3%)
I want some Ambient Music. (404, Pun not found.)
Total votes: 26 (17%)
I want some American Country music, so I can fly around in space like a cowboy.
Total votes: 3 (2%)
I honestly don't care. I'm going to have my I-Pod plugged in to listen to. There aren't any sounds in space anyway.
Total votes: 2 (1%)
Power Ballads, while I get blown up in slow motion.
Total votes: 7 (5%)
I want some Blues, so I can be like Voyager 1.
Total votes: 5 (3%)
Jazz, so I can make my fleets do Jazz hands in formation.
Total votes: 5 (3%)
Soul music, so I can get on the spacey soul trains and be soulfull.
Total votes: 5 (3%)
I want some other kinds of music, ones that are important to me, but obviously not to you, as they are not listed in the poll. (Just a heads up, this is by no means a list of my favorite types of music. I just wrote whatever popped into my head. Leave your answers in the comments!)
Total votes: 12 (8%)
Total votes: 155

LT Soundtrack

So we have had a few threads on LT's music, and we don't nearly have enough polls in comparison to the number of threads in the other subforums. :roll: Therefore, I do believe it is time for the official Limit Theory Soundtrack Poll! Yay!

Now with Cornflakes' Universal Selectability Protocol tm, which enables everyone to provide their multifaceted opinions without being limited by how many things they can select, simply by letting the number of options be equal to the number of choices you can make. Progress! :lol:
Libertas per Technica

Re: LT Soundtrack

Cornflakes_91 wrote:Nevar enuff epic orchestral music :D
And I totally agree with you, Cornflakes, but in the case of Limit Theory I'd prefer something similar to Freelancer.... but better. :mrgreen:

I'm reasonably sure that Francois delivered what Josh wanted so I kinda think I will be more than happy with the LT vanilla OST. ;) :D

Re: LT Soundtrack

Actually, in contrast to my usual opinion on such things, I don't want orchestral music in LT. Programmatic orchestral music is hard to do well or memorably, especially in space opera games. The only person, in my very strong opinion, who could pull it off is Jeremy Soule, short of paying the big bucks to get some Zimmermusik (which worked well in Interstellar, but for an arguably different narrative paradigm). Otherwise the soundtrack becomes indistinctly 'epic' and no one cares after a while.

The other routes are minimalism (McCann, from the Moon soundtrack) or just good old, semi-ambient electronic music. Francois has my 100% vote and I don't think one can do better.

Out of curiosity, Victor, could you briefly describe Freelancer's soundtrack?

Re: LT Soundtrack

Scytale wrote:Out of curiosity, Victor, could you briefly describe Freelancer's soundtrack?
HowSerendipitous wrote:Here you go.

Haven't heard this in about 10 years :| I don't think it sounds much like Guild Wars.... But it's good.
Thanks for that, HowSerendipitous. :thumbup: I hadn't realised the full album was available on YouTube (I've got the CD).

The truth is I'm a big fan of Andrew Sega (Necros) and his work. The soundtracks to the two Crusader games are still awesome after all these years. :D

Re: LT Soundtrack

Grumblesaur wrote:While LT's composer François Jolin doesn't have any parts of the LT soundtrack on his Soundcloud page, I really would recommend having a listen to Lumiere.
:D Yes, I'm looking forward to listening to the soundtrack in full, Grumblesaur. Mr Jolin does compose some exceedingly fine music.

Edit: I think most of the regulars here are aware of the esteem in which I hold the LT compositions of Mr Parnell. :thumbup:
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