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Which musical instrument do you play?

None, I am a musical layman
Total votes: 20 (11%)
Total votes: 24 (13%)
Woodwind (flute, saxophone, bagpipes, recorder, etc)
Total votes: 11 (6%)
Brasswind (trumpet, horn, etc)
Total votes: 9 (5%)
Bowed Strings (violin, cello, contrabass, etc)
Total votes: 9 (5%)
Plucked Strings (Guitar, banjo, etc)
Total votes: 38 (21%)
Keyboard instruments (Piano, organ, etc)
Total votes: 39 (22%)
Reed instruments (Accordeon, harmonica, etc)
Total votes: 3 (2%)
Total votes: 18 (10%)
Something weird (tell us!)
Total votes: 8 (4%)
Total votes: 179

Re: Musical instruments

I play jazz piano, and other styles too, like soundtrack music (I can read music but I suck at it :crazy: . I learn much better by ear). A little bit of bass guitar. My other main instrument would be percussion, both keyboard instruments (marimba, vibes, etc. I can do four mallet stuff with these), and drums (I play drums for my schoo's varsity jazz band). I appreciate all types of music, but my favorite styles to play and listen to would be jazz, funk/fusion, and movie soundtrack type stuff.

I also like to mess around with synthesizers. While I can't afford a hardware synth, I like to mess around with soft synths like Zebra 2 and ZETA+ (on my iPad). I have a friend who does this too. He's got a bandcamp at and a soundcloud (for his more experimental stuff) at (EDIT: Fixed link)
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Re: Musical instruments

DigitalDuck wrote:I'll play any instrument you want if you provide it and give me a couple of weeks. Can't promise I'll play it well, though. :mrgreen:
Likewise. :)

Never did learn to sight-read (other than voice, which barely counts), possibly because I can usually hear something and play it back, if not well, at least recognizably.

Re: Musical instruments


That's cool you DJ. I originally was trying to do some DJ'ing, but discovered I liked creating the music far more than mixing it. Awesome though!
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Re: Musical instruments

TheJuggler wrote:
Fronkonsteen wrote:
TheJuggler wrote: And, most impressively, I play the radio.
I imagine you going something like this.
If only I could play the theramin!
I Play the Theremin!!! ...well.. I own a theremin.. I cannot play it thaaat well :shh:

I also play Piano, Guitar (I guess that includes Bass Guitar) and Saxophone. I've dabbled with the Flute and Clarinet but didnt really pursue it (I'll get 'round to it). oh and I'm getting a 5 stringed electric violin for christmas so i'll be starting on that soon (I guess a 5 string violin is technically also a 5 string viola.. eh..)

Happy to see so many Musical people in the LT Community!

Re: Musical instruments

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Very nicely done! That was some generally excellent technical work, with moments (like around 5:08) of feeling that really came through. Good luck!

I also put the cello up at the top of the "wish I could play it" instruments.

(Maybe we need a "what's the one instrument you most wish you could play" poll. :))

Also: look at all these musical people. We need to form a virtual band.

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