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Where did you hear about LT?

Gaming news/review site
Total votes: 10 (9%)
Total votes: 27 (23%)
Total votes: 41 (36%)
Game forum
Total votes: 10 (9%)
Total votes: 2 (2%)
(No votes)
(No votes)
Other social media
(No votes)
A friend
Total votes: 4 (3%)
Just... found it
Total votes: 18 (16%)
Other (please specify below)
Total votes: 3 (3%)
Total votes: 115

Re: How did you hear about Limit Theory?

I discovered it from this article.
On slide six to be exact. I was desperately looking for a new space game. Last one I played(hard) was Freelancer. That game soaked up more time than I care to explore.
I had been excited about Star Citizen, but I was having doubts whether it would work on my PC or not. What good are great graphics if you can't play?
I also discovered No Man's Sky, which I have various thoughts on which I won't go into.

Then, I came to Limit Theory. And something struck me. I had a gut feeling that this might be what I'm looking for. And the more I have read, the more certain I am. And so I registered here.

Maybe that was more of a story than necessary, but there it is. That is how. ;)

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