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What is your age range?

Total votes: 1 (1%)
Total votes: 53 (33%)
Total votes: 68 (42%)
Total votes: 26 (16%)
Total votes: 11 (7%)
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100+ :shock:
Total votes: 3 (2%)
Total votes: 162

Re: Age Demographic

Scytale wrote: At this bar, you can get a card with the numbers 1-51 on it. They have 51 beers from around the world that you can have and punch the card when you finish one. I was like halfway done (You don't drink them all in one sitting. Some of these beers are 1 liter bottles) and left it on the table when I left on the 26th. Well, I went back in on the 29th and she had it for me :D She could have easily thrown it away...since there was no way to tell who exactly belonged to unless you really paid attention.

I want to go to this bar, and I want to get that card.[/quote]

I could suggest this at my favourite beer bar
200+ beers.

You literally choose your beer randomly and get an awesome one :mrgreen:

Re: Age Demographic

I'm 24, 25 next March. I personally think that age becomes less important the older you get, though - what really matters past 25 (roughly when the human brain stops developing) is your life experience and wisdom.
Hyperion wrote:
DigitalDuck wrote:A LOT of 23-year-olds here...
Not very often that the developer is one of the youngest people in the community :lol:
This is very true, and very awesome. :D
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Re: Age Demographic

Assuming that the submission was true, I am quite interested to see someone is in the 1-12 group. It makes me wonder where they heard about this game and how active they are on the forums. Just curious about the outlier.
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Re: Age Demographic

I am old.

I never thought that could happen to me but recently I had to realise that it did.
Do you perceive younger people as care-free, lazy, even narcissistic? If yes, then you are old. It really is that simple.

And it's the same with every generation or historic age. It's been recorded since ancient greek.
Daddy cavemen also went "Those young people and their wheel toys! They take fire for granted when we had to work for stick!"
(cave drawings seem to support that but that issue is still debated in the archeological community)

So if you see someone acting old: Give them a break. They probably didn't see it coming, either.

The trigger for me?
Participation trophies. What a horrible invention! They teach young people to be lazy!
Now take a step back and look at it.
You participate in a sports event and even if you lose you are rewarded.
What does this sound like? Correct. Pro sports.
Participation trophies prepare our kids for a career in professional sports.
It's just our bias that doesn't let us see that...
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