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When Josh delays an update, what presents should he bring

Longer video (+10 minutes per day late)
Total votes: 43 (16%)
More screenshots ( 2 per day late)
Total votes: 39 (15%)
Release the Monkey :monkey: (1 hour per day, before the video)
Total votes: 18 (7%)
Release the Monkey :monkey: (1 day per day, after the video)
Total votes: 39 (15%)
Work on something of our choosing for 1 day (by poll)
Total votes: 16 (6%)
Give his thoughts on 5 new threads
Total votes: 23 (9%)
Say something that will get buzz in the media :ghost:
Total votes: 14 (5%)
Sing to us in the video :lol:
Total votes: 63 (24%)
Abandon Limit theory :o
Total votes: 6 (2%)
Total votes: 261

Re: New Rule?

"When Josh delays an update, what presents should he bring"

-The Update

That is probably what everyone wants right now :p Not a song, not extra time...just the update. But it will will come.
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Re: New Rule?

Charley_Deallus wrote:New Rule: If the update is late, we get to throw more money at him.

/sarcasm :D
Or.. we get the option to partake in a post-beta beta.. so the backers don't get miffed, and everyone gets to have some fun.
(Then again, this could really push the boat out for release, :think: )

I voted for singing (cos everyone loves to - especially in the shower were the accoustics are always interesting).

In Josh We Trust

Re: New Rule?

HappyGhecko wrote:could be that im missing something, but are we going to hear josh singing in the next vid o.o?
Technically, the last update was abandoned so he's probably off the hook. It would be wise for him to be prompt with this months offering though. :lol:

Of course he hasn't actually agreed to any new rules even though he admitted he voted for singing. :angel:

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