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What should be Josh's next project after LT?

Computational optimization
Total votes: 1 (4%)
New text-based programming/scripting language
Total votes: 1 (4%)
New visual-metaphor programming system
Total votes: 1 (4%)
New DevOps pipeline for software development and maintenance
(No votes)
New general engine for highly-systemic games
Total votes: 1 (4%)
New game: MorrowJosh (open-world fantasy RPG)
Total votes: 9 (38%)
New game: Living World (highly-systemic world-simulation RPG)
Total votes: 1 (4%)
New game: Other
(No votes)
Just support/expand Limit Theory forever
Total votes: 3 (13%)
Total votes: 7 (29%)
Total votes: 24

Re: Josh's Next Project

Josh should make middleware, not another neverending gameproject.
Node-programming, procedural asset generation, dynamic topography (maching cubes), texture generation, etc
something of that kind, licensed to game companies or sold as plugins for 3D software or engines.

..or join a company that needs those skills.

Re: Josh's Next Project

CSE wrote:
Wed Jun 20, 2018 11:32 pm
I personally think his next project should be to finish his degree in university, or perhaps to get a « formal » position in a software engineering company.
I think this would help him getting structure and project management skills; today, I personally have not yet the impression that he can lead a project and deliver on time and budget. And he cannot plan his whole life with no salary during years waiting for a possible new game release N years down the road.

I am old and conservative. ;)
I have been thinking the same thing.

Being a dreamer is great, but focusing on too much of the "elegant" solution, and not just the solution, was probably what contributed to this project going way... way over budget and time.

Some real world project management work may help him in the future.
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