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Docking with trade lanes

I've been trying to find talk about this but have only found a bunch of noise so I really just wanted to get this out there. Feel free to point me in the right direction if this has/is already being discussed :)

But in regards to the trade lanes, the fact that all you have to do is touch them and you get launched across the solar system can be a bit distracting. Especially if one of your AI controlled ships touches one, more often then not it gets launched away but then they take the slow way to get there any plan to give more control over rather or not you use a trade lane, just like in Freelancer, not to mention it would be nice to be able to stop in the middle of a lane if you want too. Maybe there is a juice asteroid near by that when mining is implemented we can just stop and go take our fill 8-)

Re: Docking with trade lanes

Since there is no pathfinding implemented yet, I'm sure this will be fixed. Once pathfinding is in there, I'm sure even if a ship accidentally takes a trade lane (doubt it will happen anymore after that), it would mean that it will be smart enough to take the trade lane back in order to reunite with the fleet.
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