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I can't open the game!

When I download the game' it comes out fine. However, when I go to the folder to open it, it says I need version 1 to open the patch. Please help me.

Re: I can't open the game!

you downloaded the patch to the limit theory prototype.

if you arent a prototype level kickstarter backer you cant get the 1.0 download

i refer to the FAQ, which is linked on the top of every page....

someone finally needs to remove this by now useless link, or at least bury it somewhere where newbies dont find it
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Re: I can't open the game!

A page where users could enter their email address and it would mail them them their pledge level and rewards... that could be handy.
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Re: I can't open the game!

Locking as per policy.

Please read the FAQ regarding the prototype.

Other than that, feel free to stay and check out the rest of the forums. :wave:

P.S. Kat, you got your post in just under the wire.
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