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Prototype Videos and Screenshots

If you created a video or just pretty screenshots, you can post (and find) the links here.

Videos: Monthly Updates:

Videos (Prototype v1.0):

Screenshots (Prototype v1.0):

Links, please. Pictures would just blow this post out of proportion.
You get a cookie if you format them like this so I only need to copy/paste. =)
(No, you do not need CODE tags. You just get a prettier and descriptive link if you format it like THIS: )

Code: Select all

[url=]My awesome video[/url]  (my name)
It really helps having this short text description because otherwise the viewer just sees a gibberish URL - which isn't very interesting.
Like aspman did. See the difference?
There is no "I" in Tea. That would be gross.

Re: Prototype Videos and Screenshots

Here is Part One From Theory to Practice
Here is Part Two Starting the Fleet
Here is Part Three Just a Tease
Here is Part Four Bombs Away
Here is Part Five Whoops...
Here is Part Six Change
Here is Part SevenClouds of War More RTS and Large Battles
Version 1.1
Here is Part One Size Doesn't Matter
Here is Part Two Updater and Squeaky Chair
Here is Part ThreeBugs Bugs and More Bugs
Here is Part FourLearning Lessons
Here is Part FiveWrecking
Here is Part SixWe're Back!
And Ill just edit this post when the others come out.
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