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Next features and things that will be done?


what are the next steps or features Josh plans to develop?
I really want or would like to see some ship related stuff, like weapons, cargo or missiles.
I know he already showed some weapons, but they are all just pulse or laser weapons or has he already shown some other stuff like missiles, machine guns or what ever?

I've also did not find anyhting about cargo. I think you can also be later a pirate, so i think you can make npc's drop their cargo, but what will these cargo look like? Is it just a container in the space?

And some other questions:
1. Does josh also plan to make animations or something like that for the hardpoints, like i see the weapons get ready?
2. Will there be drones for mining or protecting purposes?
3. Josh said something about colonies, that will be on planets, but how will they look like? Will there really be cities and a landing bay etc.? How detailled will this be?
4. Will i be able to build my own stations and will there be somthing like a shipyard and can i also really build stations?
5. What is the current release date (approximately) and what is josh doing next for LT?

I've saw a poll for what josh should do next and the community decided for the ship algorithm but what is josh going to do next?

Does not belong to the topic:
Where can i find some cool LT Wallpapers?
I have this cool one with the Asteroid belt and it's freaking awesome. ;)

BTW: The new ships are freaking awesome and i really love it.

Thanks in advance

Re: Next features and things that will be done?


Missiles are in the game since a long time; see this update video
Machine guns and projectile based weapons will also be in the game, I think he focuses on lasers in the updates because they look cool :P

Yes you can be a pirate, I have no real idea how cargo will be stolen, maybe it's trough transfer beams or maybe it's with dropping it in space, not sure.

1) Weapon hard points are already a visual thing and the turrets have live mouse tracking, see this update (he also improved the tracking algorithm in a later update). If you mean animations like loading animations and stuff, He hasn't said anything about that and I have a feeling that they won't be a thing.

2)Yes, up to now there are only prospecting drones, watch this update for information about drones

3)It will look the same as in freelancer, so you won't be able to walk/fly around but there will be a 3d background of a city/ outpost/ whatever. He also said that there will be points of interest in those colonies (e.g. a bar, dock,...) where you can do specific actions, he hasn't shown us something like this yet. He talks about planet surface and locations in this update

4)Yes, you will be able to build your own stations and ships, the game will also have a ship editor so you can design your own stuff. Building a station will be done with drones, a holographic preview of the building will be a placeholder until the building is finished. (very old preview of ship editor

5)early 2015

Only Josh knows what he's going to do next, I guess colonial stuff, AI, factions, universe generation

Edit: there are no wallpapers of the current development but the official sitehas some old ones

Edit 2: This update video shows cargo containers at 11:20
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Re: Next features and things that will be done?

Hi Proton,

There is a lot of helpful information on the Game FAQ page (can be found in Red near the top of most forum pages).

If you're looking for an overview of where the game development is at, I'd also recommend Josh's Kickstarter Update posts. There are links to all the update videos, monthly summaries written by Josh, and (perhaps best of all), plenty of pictures big enough to be used as desktop wallpapers.

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