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Will there be a demo?

Just wondering; will there ever be a free demo or alpha build type of thing, or to ever get your hands on any part of the game will you need to pay? I think a trial or demo like that could help bring attention to the game by teasing people with a little taste of it.

Re: Will there be a demo?

I believe the general consensus is nothing goes out to the general public before release since the game already has all the funding it needs. I'd expect a demo after release isn't out of the question, you never know what the future holds.
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Re: Will there be a demo?

calfeggs wrote:I don't plan on buying it any time soon sadly, but yeah... Certainly sticking around, it's quite the ambitious project.
Well, I don't know if this counts as "being lucky" or not but Josh has no plans to do any more pre-sales so either way you'll have to wait till release to get the game. By that time I do hope there's a demo of some sort to whet everyone's appetite. :)
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