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Re: What will you try and achieve when the full game comes o

Hardenberg wrote:Goals. Oh well.
10.) Get a jumpdrive and go on raiding expeditions into unknown territory, blowing up things with reckless abandon and stealing everything that isn't nailed down. Then pull out a claw hammer, remove the nails and steal the rest. Repeat until bored or LT2 comes out.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

The biggest LOL in a long time!

as for me have fun.

Re: What will you try and achieve when the full game comes o

i would like to construct a super think tank in a sector deep inside a nebula filled with dense dust that scrambles sensors.

with this think tank i would like to do heavy R&D on every aspect of LT but most of all FTL systems, one that will allow my ships to fold space and instantly travel vast distances in a blink of an eye. this tech will be applied to my trade ships so that no other competitor may compete with my trade empire.


ps. hi i'm new...

Re: What will you try and achieve when the full game comes o

To become an information dealer who sells valuable information to NPCs. I would set this up with a network of surveillance probes and contacts. I would then concern myself with measures to maintain a leak proof operation. I would maintain a small fleet of frigates and destroyers which would act as protection against hostile forces.

I would also attempt to maintain small mining company which would help supplement my income. If I discover that pirates are using my services they may quickly realize that they have been lured into a trap, and my forces would quickly dismantle them.
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Re: What will you try and achieve when the full game comes o

Start out as a bounty hunter, kinda regardless of the legality of the job. Build up my fleet, so that I'm working multiple jobs at once. When I've accumulated enough money, get me a suitable system for a headquarters. (What that will be depends entirely on the game, so dunno yet.) Construct a whopping huge base, preferably one that can be moved if I find a greener pasture. Moving an entire planet from one system to another would be pretty cool. I'd make sure that the operation I set up is not only entirely self-sufficient, but miserably well-defended. You should see the fortresses I build in C&C or Age of Empires.
Anyway, then proceed to do enormous amounts of R&D in order to keep my personal fleet atop the others. My personal flagship would be big, but not that big - more like a Star Destroyer than a Death Star. I'm slightly more of a fan of the super advanced medium size vessels than the klutzy artificial planets with a single big gun.
Then, manipulate things behind the scenes. Secretly support both the unlawful factions and the lawful factions to keep them relatively strong and very much locked in conflict, so that I always have job opportunities. This is another reason for having a not-excessively large vessel - it wouldn't be able to run the more covert operations.

Something along those lines. 8-)

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Re: What will you try and achieve when the full game comes o

bkdevil wrote:Turtle!

I really enjoy the gameplay involved in isolating something and building the perfect defensive complex.
Oh you my friend have touched my soul.

Turtling pirate empire please.
Sticking with the theme of my race the "Xh'arte Travellers" (Formerly the Snow Pirates) we will focus on two things: Technology and murder. :V
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Re: What will you try and achieve when the full game comes o

I'll try to get a somewhat tanky but smal trading ship and invest all my earnings into Research until i have a shit that's so tiny that everyone will laugh about it, but still is so powerfull that i can disentrgrate the sun by forgetting to slow down and crashing into it without even realizing it or takign any damage or missing with a single rocket and hit the sun with that or or or(buffles while being drunk of the dream of power). then i'll become a lone wolf secretly destroing every threat to the most peacefule place i can find until they have a peacefule empire with a secret hero. then i will buy all there technology to advance further and go to rais another child until i become a all known legend for milenias to come.
Step two:
profit : D

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