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June Limit Theory Fan Creations: Advantages Edition

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Only submissions in this thread, please.
This is a placeholder for the official post of Talv, who's welcome to ignore/edit/erase/remove as he sees fits.

This is still a bit new, so I'll reiterate what was said last month a few months ago: Whereas previously we had a (somewhat tardy :ghost: ) panel of judges, prizes, and anonymous feedback, interest has dwindled somewhat - as has available time for forumites to put into their works. As a result, I present to you the Limit Theory Fan Creations thread! This should solve most of the problems we've had lately. Here's how it works:

You post anything you want here - art, stories, videos, music - and people in the discussion thread will give you more immediate feedback. No waiting for judges! I'll personally - if I have time and I am so inclined, no promises! - be keeping an eye on it to read over anything you submit and I'll also comment on it - how you can improve, what the weak spots are, the parts I like about it best, and so on. Feedback will be guaranteed and much more rapid - and comprehensive, as you'll be able to ask me (and anyone else) further questions, and we can work with you to help you improve if you'd like. This is something that people often had a problem with during the previous contests - nobody knew how to contact the judges. :P

The rules are very, very simple. There won't be any prizes - this time it's purely about creating things, having people look at them, and getting feedback.

The rules:
  1. Anything you post must be your own work. Don't post pictures you found on Google Images or somewhere else. I will know. You are allowed, however, to use textures from other places, or stock images as part of whatever you post, same as before.
  2. It must be at least tangentially related to Limit Theory (I mean, obviously - just look at the thread title! :D )
  3. It must be related to the topic. This month's topic:
    Advantages - be it combat or trade, someone usually has some plan to gain the upper hand.
  4. You are allowed to post as many things as you want. No limits or restrictions! If you create it, you can post it!
  5. All submissions must be made before the end of June or at the latest soonishtm thereafter.
And that's it! At the end of June or at the latest soonishtm thereafter, I'll close this topic and open a new one, with a different theme. We can keep going from there.

Re: June Limit Theory Fan Creations: Advantages Edition

...and here is my submission:


As usual, for those with a bigger screen, a version with a bit more pixels is available here.

All models done and textured by yours truly, except the man in the last picture. This is a very detailed model of an astronaut made by the very talented Domenico D’Alisa and available here for download and to be used for free - thanks!

The font used is scorched earth which is free for personal use. Thanks to KC Fonts! The word help uses the font Paranoia, which is free for personal use and made by Jonathan S. Harris. Thanks as well!

PS: I am aware that it cannot burn with flames in absence of atmosphere, and that there is no atmosphere as shown by the absence of ambiant lighting. But let's call it artistic freedom!

Re: June Limit Theory Fan Creations: Advantages Edition

Breaking news!

17th May, 3387.

The Galactic Herald is astonished to report the following story: The IWS Conqueror, an Ares class battleship, was destroyed today in a devastating surprise attack over the planet Psalacantha. The assailants, whose whereabouts and motive are currently unknown, struck straight from a jump, destroying their target within 3 minutes and leaving 8,284 Imperial citizens dead.

Footage recovered by an escaping shuttle shows 4 ships, armed with both particle cannons and railguns, closing from low orbit and then striking at the ship on its starboard side. The shields overload under repeated railgun hits, then the ship is destroyed 2 minutes after the shields fall. Only through the quick reactions of her captain, Gregor Flint, did even some of her crew survive to report back to fleet command.

Defense analysts have noted the attacking ships are of an unusual design, mounting spinal railguns in defiance of conventional fleet doctrine. They have also pointed out that whomever constructed these ships have managed to solve the problem of gravitic shearing associated with multiple singularity drives, especially when mounted anywhere except a ships stern.

Despite these peculiarities, the ships appear to be of human origin, although less reputable news outlets have speculated that they are of alien construction. Imperial officials rubbished these claims as 'Alarmist nonsense'.

Nonetheless, Confederate and Republic ambassadors have been summoned to the Imperial Palace on Elysium to discuss the attack. The Galactic Herald have also reached out to various defense contractors for comment and Imperial authorities are offering a reward for valid information.
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