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A heartfelt thanks, and hopes for future health, happiness and success

Hello Josh,

I wanted to write to you and offer my heartfelt thanks. I have long been following (although quietly) your work on Limit Theory, since just a day after the KickStarter funded (I missed it by just a smidge). I periodically check in on how things are going, and so happened to do so today. I was saddened, although perhaps not wholly surprised, to find "The End", as Limit Theory was at the top of my most anticipated games list. I don't think I've looked forward to any game quite so much. Not only that, you have always been near the top of my most interesting people list. It was hard reading that post, and I could tell you wrote it with an incredibly heavy heart. So I wanted to write this, and encourage you. Sometimes life throws us curve balls, and the hardships can be truly real (forget about all those "first world problems" people! We all have our hardships.) I think you weathered your hardships very well, and you endured for a very long time under great pressures.

Your game always captured me, intrigued me, excited my interests in space, programming, math and science. Not so much because of what it was, although Limit Theory itself is amazing...but because of you. Josh Parnell, an amazing individual. Since I first encountered you and Limit Theory, you have been one of the most inspirational people in my life. I wanted you to know that. You are one of the more intelligent individuals I've ever come across, and I have always liked your candor and honesty. I think it is a great testament to your character the overwhelmingly happy, friendly, cordial and thankful responses that you received to your "The End" post on KickStarter...people can often be so heartless these days, but you attract and draw out another side of people. I think that is something else you should know...that you have great character.

While I am sad to see Limit Theory, at least in it's original form, come to an end, you definitely gave it more than 110%. You gave this game and everyone following it more than 1000%. You gave it your heart, your soul, and your incredible talent and enthusiasm. You gave this game your sanity, for a time, and that is a price too high.

I wanted to thank you for all of your development update videos...each and every one of those was amazing. I truly loved watching you pursue a dream, with such great enthusiasm, and so eagerly share your incredible progress month after month. You had some of the most innovative ideas & concepts that I hope someday will still bring unique, procedurally generated universes to life..and pack them full of little AI life! So very inspirational, intriguing, and interesting. I thank you for offering to open source the code, and I have hopes that your vision will some day see light, through the efforts of a loyal community of followers and enthusiasts.

I hope for the best for you in your future travels and endeavors, Josh. Despite the hardships you have weathered, failure is something we can learn from, reflect upon, and redirect towards future success. Don't be too hard on yourself, heal your mind and soul, and put that amazing intellect, character and enthusiastic personality towards happier goals in the future. Don't let this failure take you down. Best wishes, Josh! You will always be in my prayers, and always be one of the most inspirational people in my life.

Jon Rista

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