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My Love Letter to LT / Josh

Pardon the poor title, but I don't think I can find a more concise wording that is close enough to describe the feelings I have for LT as a project that I've lurked and watched since I discovered it on Kickstarter (unfortunately mere days after the funding period was already complete, and having no alternative to back it.), and to this day I am still obsessed; I will continue to BE obsessed with the concept of this game regardless of the form or lack thereof it has taken. Some of you know of me from the earlier days when i was active for a few months, and while my interaction with the community here has been minimal since then, I have not missed a week lurking and checking out the fantastic discussions about the game, mechanics and theory, shitposting and jokes / memes, Joshposts, etc. And even though this chapter of LT and Josh's work on it will come to an end, I do not consider it a failure, nor do I consider it the end of this game for any of us, including Josh. Limit Theory has saved my life, and has often been the only thing in my life where I have looked forward to seeing what happens next, and I still have that feeling now.

You inspire me Josh. Even now; And as strange or maybe cringe-worthy as it can be if I say this in an indelicate manner, I love you. This forum alone has often been a solace for my mind and mental health over these several years, and it is obvious that it has done that for you as well, it often gives me the last few bits of hope I need to fight and survive another day in the hopes that either I myself will contribute to its creation or will get to experience a complete version of it, or a spiritual successor. But I do know in my heart that some day soon this game will become a reality.

Perhaps there's an irony in the spirit and naming of Limit Theory, but I have yet to see an obstacle that LT hasn't survived, and the release of the source code may mean that LT makes it through its greatest obstacle so far, and that's LT without a Josh at the helm.

I do not know how many of us intend to pick up the torch and carry on, but you can count on me to be one of them.

Thank you all for many great years of reading, and I am excited to see what comes next, even if it means I am alone in continuing its creation


In Josh we trust

Re: My Love Letter to LT / Josh

0111narwhalz wrote:
Mon Oct 01, 2018 9:23 pm
Alimarin wrote:
Mon Oct 01, 2018 5:57 pm
Perhaps there's an irony in the spirit and naming of Limit Theory,
If I recall correctly, Limit Theory is a contraction of the theory of the nonexistence of external limitations.
Josh has found his internal limitations.
Pushing yourself far enough to actually find solid internal limitations is a thing that very few people ever manage to do.
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Re: My Love Letter to LT / Josh

So it seems that in addition to inspiring dozens of people to be more creative than they would be otherwise, LT's development has very literally been solely responsible for saving (at least) a half-dozen lives including mine by providing them with hope where they couldn't find it elsewhere. If nothing else, Josh should take consolation that because of his hard work, there are people in this world who are alive today that would not be otherwise...which is something to be proud of by any measure, and damn the outcome of a game.
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