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BFett wrote:
Sat Sep 29, 2018 12:03 am
I'm here for the long haul folks. I'm staying with this community for as long as I have internet access. I've backed up most of the dev logs, but maybe it would be wise to backup everything in suggestions and most game related things in general as well. We don't want to lose this stuff if the forums do suddenly go down 6 months from now.
It would be awesome if the suggestions can get backed up somewhere

Re: Welp

Intuitively, I feel it's best if the forum closes down but the community survives and moves elsewhere. Though his final statement probably brought some short-term catharsis, in truth Josh's troubles have probably just begun. That's because LT will slowly become a wound in him, and it's going to be the best, following the release of the source code, if he stays well away from anything LT-related in the future. Out of sight is out of mind, and to be brutally honest I feel a failure to distance himself from LT will have terrible consequences for him: Let's say nothing would surprise me.

Re: Welp

Philip Coutts wrote:
Sat Sep 29, 2018 4:40 pm
Don't really know what REKT is but f*ck shutting the forums down, it is genuinely a nice place to come an shoot the breeze with some very nice people.
REKT makes up about 7% of the total forum posts, or 17% of all forum posts since the first post on May 23rd, 2015. (These are calculated, rounded numbers. :) ) As to what it is: REKT is a forum game here, rather like an RPG kind of like Dungeons & Dragons, but sci-fi and based in the year 3152, shortly following humanity's homicidal purging of alien species from the galaxy's core, and subsequent settling. Players are prison inmates in a prison corporation that makes extra cash by sending the "best and brightest" of their inmates on nigh-suicidal missions to retrieve valuable technology from hellish locales. Players have a small supply of creds with which to purchase gear, and successfully completing missions grants them more creds and permits them to further their skillset. It's also much more story-based than DnD. There are stats and rolls, but personality, roleplay, and story are the primary focus.

I'm the GM. I wrote the rules, and it's been going since the aforementioned date of 2015, when I thought of it as a simple way to keep up forum activity for a brief period of time - "until Josh comes back". :D Clearly it turned into something much more than that.

Obviously, I'd be very much against shutting the forums down in any capacity. Taiya can handle bots, and I can handle moderating everything else. There's no reason to kill it off. In fact, I'll gladly shoulder the responsibility of paying for the serverspace if need be, to keep Josh from having to look at it.
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Re: Welp

Josh could stay away from the forums without having to shut them down: there are plenty of options if that's his choice.

But I don't agree that it would be damaging for him to associate with us here, we all like the guy and have enormous respect for the vision that brought us all here in the first place, and as Dino said it's not like we ever stuck to talking about LT even when we should have, nothing is going to change that now.

I firmly believe that Josh has done the right thing. He had a glorious vision, tried to do something awesome, literally reached for the stars, and did everything he could possibly do to make it happen. That's something to be proud of, and the end result really doesn't matter. Personally, I hope he learns the invaluable lessons this brings, because they will make him an awesome developer and entrepreneur; staying away from these forums would be like hiding from these lessons a little, and I don't think that's the best approach for the long-term.

As Tal says, there are plenty of us who will be happy to pay the cost of keeping them up and running as well, so it's not like Josh has to do anything if he chooses not to.
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Re: Welp

Perhaps we'll turn into a general gaming hub, or perhaps someday the development sections of the forum will be an open community-driven changelog and scrum board, but even if they aren't, I think it would be nice to keep them available for reading as a sort of monument to game development and community building.

I suppose this depends on how strong of an interest there is in the source code, and when and how it's released. We'll have to see.
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Re: Welp

Well I for one think that the forums should definitely stay up, there's too many great ideas and discussions on here. However a new color scheme might not hurt, and some changes to how the subforums are organized will probably be in order in the near future. The conductor of this train might have stepped down, but that in no way means this hype train is stopping.
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