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Re: Station Model Concepts

Flatfingers wrote:
Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:21 pm
Those are rather a lot of assumptions, aren't they?
not really. when you are moving heavy stuff gravity is in the way.
you can transport stuff with less risk of damaging it in microgravity.
and building centrifuges sturdy enough to carry hundreds of kilotons of industrial facilities under standard gravity isnt cheap either, and why bother?

when you are a space adapted organic (which are very likely to emerge when space travel becomes widespread) you dont need or likely not even want gravity because you arent used to it, find it uncomfortable or maybe standard gravity even kills you.
similar situation when you are a synthetic/cyborg, your current form likely doesnt mesh well with gravity when you live in space and adapt to that

Re: Station Model Concepts

well it's a good thing we aren't constrained by the laws of physics in our simulations :)
When you're trying to fill an infinite multiverse, if you're not willing to consider the entire creative output of humanity as a starting point, you're wasting your time.
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