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Twitch plays Limit Theory

This may sound stupid, but I suddenly connected two things in my head about limit theory which makes this seem like a plausible idea. So in a dev log in february Josh said that he made a mini HTTP server in luajit to be able to change limit theory variables. Using this and a well designed public interface, it should theoretically be possible to make quite an intriquing twitch plays LT.
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Re: Twitch plays Limit Theory

inputs alter AI preference for specific things.
AI plays Limit Theory, Twitch watches AI play it and semi-actively controls the AI.

Once the multiplayer mod goes in, if this gets done, I will set up like 5 or 6 streams on different VMs with this running on them and the AIs can wage war against each other in a limited finite universe :V

Twitch Wars over Limit Theory MP. :V
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