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The Great Remembrance Thread

Hi all,

I haven't posted in a while and due to time constraints haven't been keeping up with current events (could be one of the first times in approx 4 years!) and I don't have loads of time IMO to read all of the latest dev logs, suggestions forum, polls etc.

I also noticed a new developer chap by the name of Adam has appeared (hello BTW) but regardless of the latest news this chap wouldn't even know anything that has happened on this forum or to these good folks and most importantly to JOsH in any great detail with regards to what everybody has been saying and expressing over the past 5 years.

So I propose instead of new members, visitors or older members coming back from a break that don't have a clue what has happened in the past and preventing them having to trawl through hundreds of hours of reading (probably thousands???) can somebody or a group of people for the benefit of the forums either update this thread or create a sticky (or make this thread the sticky) with all of the major news that has gone before? I think this would be an enjoyable read for everyone even for the original crew to reminisce.

I'm thinking major posts in the original dev logs, RTB threads, Great unhappiness & happiness threads, suggestions. polls & trains etc etc etc all the important highs to the demoralising lows (everything really) and of course each time Josh reappeared back on the scene up to now...hec if it's a good read I would bet even Josh would go through it himself as he probably hasn't read a lot of it.

It would be an amazing journey and we owe it to ourselves for all of the amount of effort people have put in -Any takers?

...PS - I haven't got the time with a family ATM :lol:

Re: The Great Remembrance Thread

The LT wiki details some of this information though it is now about a year old at this point. The main highlights that need to be added there are the beginning of the 2 week cycle of dev logs and Josh deciding to bring two more guys onto his team.

Of course I could go through Josh's posts and see if anything else is worthy of adding since I'm likely forgetting some of the points.... such as the FPLT getting defined and later solved.

Re: The Great Remembrance Thread

Talvieno wrote: I could potentially do this, yes, but I don't think I could quite do what you're requesting (a post that would quickly get anyone up to speed), or if it's really a good idea to make a sticky displaying all of Josh's shortcomings. (Especially as community manager.)
:lol: I tried to keep a straight face, Nathan.

Re: The Great Remembrance Thread

Hi Tal (and forum buddies) this thread was never more relevant than it is now!

Can we get some sort of archive going including all of the main dev milestones, RTB, dark times and juicy conversations?....I know I missed a few juicy conversations over the years!

It's such a shame this game is dead and surely someone somewhere can make a game out of what is left?

Josh, you up for another Kickstarter? :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :monkey: :monkey: :monkey:

Josh, all the best fella and God bless you in the future....PEACE!!!

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