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Re: The "Game" in LT

Better to come back in a year. Beta is still quite a ways away. Things are just at the point of getting re-implemented so I would suspect it will take a few months until the game is back in the state it was during the time of the Road to Beta updates.

I do hope things progress more quickly now that Josh has Adam helping him out with the code. I would love to see a beta before the end of 2018.

Re: The "Game" in LT

The watched pot is finally boiling again, but dinner will still be a while, especially if you won't be getting beta.

However, I'm gonna be a little more optimistic than Bfett and say that beta will probably be out before the end of the year and official release will probably be 4-6 months after that.

Granted, timelines are always dubious, but FPLT has been solved and Adam seems to be nearly-on or on-par with Josh in terms of skill. Architectural work seems to be wrapping up, and I think a lot of gameplay and graphics code will start to be ported into Lua starting next month. There is definitely still some serious game aspects that need to be incorporated, but I imagine Lil'T will be more baby than fetus by the 5 year anniversary of the Kickstarter... Which sounds to me like a good round deadline for beta anyways ;)
If you're trying to fill the multiverse, and you're not willing to consider the entire creative output of humanity as a starting point, you're wasting your time.

Re: The "Game" in LT

I'd like to think you're right about "beta before end of 2017," Hyperion. That would be fantastic.

But if I had to pick a date for the pool, it would be Q3 2018 -- basically, a year from now.

This estimate rolls up from a number of factors (none of which are intended as criticisms):

  • still working on architecture
  • holidays/vacations/life stuff
  • port LTSL content
  • change LTSL content as it's being ported to improve it
  • add additional in-system content to satisfy Kickstarter promises
  • add new (unplanned) in-system content as inspiration strikes
  • tweak individual in-system content features
  • balance all in-system content
  • add procgen for new star systems/factions
  • add whole-game features
  • whole-game rebalancing after "is this fun to play for many hours?" playtesting
  • polish, polish, polish
  • modding (incl. LuaJIT interface reference guide) documentation
  • many hours of selected "friends and family" alpha testing
  • UX tweaks based on friends & family testing feedback
  • distribution and game-updating infrastructure
  • be unwilling to release, even as beta, anything that feels less than perfect

Every single one of these, in the moment, will feel entirely justifiable and right. And many of them will be exactly that, partly because it's integral to making any computer game of a meaningful size, and partly because of the particular requirements for Limit Theory.

But each one of these, unless it's policed with serious ruthlessness, takes time. Add them all up, and Q3 2018 is optimistic.

I prefer to be optimistic, though. And notice that I see no factors that would prevent LT from being released at some point -- the only question, to my mind, is "when."

Naturally this is just my take. Other opinions are welcome.

Re: The "Game" in LT

I've given this topic some more thought, less from an administrator's perspective, and more from an explorer's perspective.

LT needs to have things which can be discovered, and I don't just mean Beautiful Skybox #p94fpg3p9374-2de8h9273d or the arrangement of planets inside it. I mean actual Wonders, things that are rare, but give you a genuine sense of awe and curiousity when you happen to come across them.

These are wonders on the scale of artificial planetoids to dyson spheres, with complex geometries and functions. Monuments and Monoliths that give an explorer the sense that great or terrible things once happened here, or great powers may be contained within.

Imagine if you will, deep in wild space, flying into an unknown system, at first everything seems pretty ordinary, but then your sensors pick up a strange reading. you go to investigate and as you approach, poking out of a large dusty region is what looks to be... is that a giant pineapple? You come closer and find a long abandoned superstructure large enough that you could plop down a dozen colonies on it, covered in bas figures of what look like hindu gods, writing in a font bigger than your ship, symbols and shapes...This enormous station was once the...something or other

I don't have enough answers to those questions quite yet to place it in history generation as a real piece of history and not some object left by "the ancients". But I think you can see how coming across wonders and monoliths make exploration far more interesting. Especially if these objects came with their own internal gameplay, such as rewards locked behind puzzles, you could become Indiana Jones in SPAAAAAAACE!

Vaguely turning to some suggestions I've made earlier:

A rich, non-lethal competition space: Races around the system, turning a warprail into a jousting arena, 3D soccer/quidditch. If you add the ability to be a spectator and a sponsor to these areas, you could have sports, sports leagues and teams, gambling, performances, and spectacle. The player could witness or participate in any capacity.

Or the creation and balancing of artificial ecosystems in space, bringing in a food chain to a barren system, figuring out how the PCG herbivores and omnivores and whatnot interact with each other and their environment to develop an area, possibly to harvest a resource from it, possibly as a bioweapon, possibly just to make the space look pretty and call it your own little garden. Adding in artificial life adds enormous possibilities for gameplay.

Though those may, like what much of LT's gameplay will come from, be better suited as mods.

More to say, but not enough time at the moment, so I'll leave it here.
If you're trying to fill the multiverse, and you're not willing to consider the entire creative output of humanity as a starting point, you're wasting your time.

Re: The "Game" in LT

This is why I hope historical generation becomes a reality in LT. I want ancient structures and wonders, I want the equivalent of the pyramids (Mayan and Egyptian), geo-glifs, and pieces of irreplaceable art which awe the modern man. I want them all to have real histories behind each of them which show how people before your time used to live.

I want to see ancient battle sites, to hear tales of the clone wars, and the old order which were the protectors of peace and justice before the dark times. I want believe-able depth which awes the player and encourages deep space exploration.

I want the history of Star Wars and the exploration of Star Trek meshed together in a universe where the limit theory has taken root and ingrained itself within the diverse cultures of the present and past.

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