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Re: RSS Feed for the Dev Logs (and just the Dev Logs)

konfu wrote: Is there a RSS Feed with just the Dev Logs and nothing else?
Unfortunately, no. Our forum software doesn't have settings for that - you either get all the posts, or none at all. There are a couple solutions, though, if you don't mind using email. I'm afraid I don't have any solution for RSS.

First, you could subscribe to this thread. I keep it updated with all the major news, including devlogs. You'll have to be logged in to subscribe. The button is at the top-right in a little dropdown menu near the thread title in the banner. Whenever Josh makes an important post, you'd get an email about it.

Your other option is to subscribe to the entire board (using the link in the footer at bottom left in board view) and then have your email filter out any emails from with the title "Topic reply notification".
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