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Forum Upgrade

A bit of a public service announcement.

I'm going to upgrade the forum software tomorrow. There will be a bit of down time while it's underway. The most immediately noticeable difference will be that the non-default styles (limit lime, limit avocado) will be lost; the style system of phpBB 3.0.x is not supported by 3.2.x. Apart from that, it should be silky smooth. I'll be creating backups of the forum just in case something goes wrong, and if all else fails, we can always revert.
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Re: Forum Upgrade

IronDuke wrote:
Talvieno wrote:A bit of a public service announcement.
Why ain't this in the announcements section then? :ghost:

Because I don't need to summon everyone to the forum.
BFett wrote:Would you please post what time you plan to start this process, along with time zone.
That depends on a number of factors I have little control over. It would be, hopefully, around 6 PM EST, or midnight in eastern Europe, or 3 PM on the US west coast. This time could easily shift, though, which is why I'm not listing an official timeframe.
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Re: Forum Upgrade

What will I do without the forums? oh gods no!

Oh wait, theres still IRC and the rest of the internet
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