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I don't know how people feel about this but I've gotten an impression that it doesn't differ that much from the point of view I am holding on.

You don't need to spend so much time talking about what's happening in your devlogs Josh, I am happy with one or two sentences, the most raw update on what has happened that day.

I understand most of the tech talk and I am reading all your posts with interest in it, but with that knowledge I also understand how tiring it is to put it all in words so you're understood and I'd be much happier to just hear from you in one or two sentences a day or a (short!) one or two paragraphs weekly. if (you want) else break;

I mean, I feel exhausted from just reading your posts. It's okay to share smaller amounts of info.

The fact you're here with us alone is enough for me to follow you where your road leads you to.

Re: devlogs

Thanks esteemdav, I appreciate it.

With respect to the last wall of text, I just felt like I owed it to you guys to explain things thoroughly, and it was partly for myself as well. It was rather cathartic getting to finally unload all of that and just have it out in the open that...not everything is squirrels and trains all the time. So that post isn't a reflection of what's to come in terms of communication. I think we're all in agreement that regular but 'no-pressure' / no-need-for-fanciness posts are the way to go.

Hope the logs didn't exhaust you too much ;)
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