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Re: Limit Theory Release

Is spiel is no net heraussen, josh werkelt dran.

Er hat a spielbare demo auf der PAX south dieses wochenende, aber des is noch weit entfernt vom release leider :/

Du kannst im moment net wirklich ans spiel herankommen, kein (pre-/alpha-) release in sichtweite.

Du kannst im Pledge Transfer thread kickstarter backern welche aussteigen möchten deren beitrag abkaufen, aber was genau du daraus bekommst (über is volle spiel bei release) kommt drauf an was de anderen dir verkaufen.

Ps: rein technisch is des hier n englisches forum :P

Re: Limit Theory Release

I suppose I have to admit I have no idea whether there are written-language based rules on these forums. I'm accustomed to a common shared language being enforced as standard, both for moderation concerns and for usability. But, without familiarity with that specific rule local to these forums, I probably shouldn't be reacting.

Edit: No such rules exist here. I apologize.

Re: Limit Theory Release

We do not forbid it, but advise against it if it can be helped. There isn't a German "Limit Theory Forums" as far as I know, so naturally German-speakers have to come here rather than somewhere else. We're not going to turn them away.

At any rate, Cornflakes dealt with it well. :) I'd welcome ReaperFry, but unfortunately I don't know German well enough myself to do so. :P

Now that the questions have been answered, I'm going to lock the topic as per forum policy.
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