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Re: The General Unhappiness Thread

Quethas wrote:Long time lurker, infrequent poster here. I agree with the sentiment here Ringu, but honestly at this point, what difference does it make? If he says "Still working hard, giving it my all, and it'll be done when it's done" vs. "One year left, here's my plan", I frankly wouldn't believe the latter. Not because I think he doesn't want that to be the case, or doesn't believe it himself, but because he has shown very little ability to turn actual plans into results.
For me, as a professional developer, there is only one reason I think that having a plan would help: that it would be easier to track actual work against planned work, and to see the slips and gains more transparently.

I feel that Josh slipping past his estimates is a non-issue. Every developer slips, every project gets delayed. Sometimes that can be pulled back, sometimes release specs are cut, sometimes code happens faster, that's normal development for me so I don't regard that in the slightest as a problem.

The real issue, the one I think Josh is deeply guilty of, the reason I believe it will take a lot to get me on board again, is Josh not being transparent about things.

KS is not a store: we've said it time and again. You don't put money into a project expecting to get the result the following day. Sometimes it doesn't work and you lose money. BUT, the ONE thing that KS is supposed to guarantee you is a seat on the ride: you're supposed to be right there seeing how the project develops and progresses, and for two years Josh did 100x more than anyone expected or needed. He was a monster at it.
But the Great Silences and the two years of literally no updates on LT since, have broken my opinion of him. He's broken his promise to tell us what's happening too many times, and now I have no trust in him. What I need now, the only thing that will leave me not angry at him, is transparency. Tell me the truth, honestly work on a plan, and then the world - including and especially Josh - can see deviations and plan accordingly.

That's all I want.
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Re: The General Unhappiness Thread

BUT, the ONE thing that KS is supposed to guarantee you is a seat on the ride: you're supposed to be right there seeing how the project develops and progresses
Exactly, this is what makes me happy about for example Star Citizen. Even if they totally fail -- which I don't believe -- it was a hell of a ride, I sucked up all that BTS stuff like bug smashers etc.
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Re: The General Unhappiness Thread

Victor Tombs wrote:I just want him to post something. That's at least a step in the right direction. :(
Agreed. I really just want to hear he's OK to be honest. I know it's gone around a million times about how he's an adult and shouldn't be handled with kids gloves, and part of me agrees with that, but I really think he's working through some serious issues and my empathy alarms keep going off whenever I catch myself getting angry about the lack of the game. So first, a confirmation that he is alright to keep going, and if that's an affirmative, then a plan on what kind of steps he's taking to get this project done in a manner that isn't going to destroy him.

Re: The General Unhappiness Thread

smurfer wrote:Hm... since it is the unhappiness thread: I'm getting worried about Josh's potential post. If there is no substancial information -- well... :problem: if there is, mostly everyone will probably praise him for having something to tell. But in the case of showing some progress, more than ever it doesn't excuse for ignoring his supporters for such a long time. As said before, I don't like that behaviour and it makes me sad, that a single progress report after this long time will make him a saviour within an instant of a second.
Its so nice to read someone else thinking the exact same thing .
It always baffles me how people completely shut out and forget their months of feeling angry/sad because they were being treated so badly and disrespectful by the developer when he suddenly gives some lil information. This is also by no means LT-exclusive.
I enjoy the new info and signs of progress too but I never forget how shitty I was treated the months before and I draw consequences for that by e.g. not buying the game or only buying it for a fraction of the release price.
I also dont forget how nice he treated us in the past with daily updates, videos etc. But the negatives outweigh the positives now for a long while for me and I cant get over the fact how disrespectful his behavior is towards his backers.
This is no "normal" development where the developer has every right to isolate himself and completely shut up. He got the backers money for this development, it is their money that enables this game and his dream and he cant even be bothered to stop by every 2 weeks for 1 minute and write a sentence like: "working on it, did some progress".
Yet as you said, this deeply disrespectful behavior will be completely forgotten in like 10 minutes after the update by the majority, only to slowly rise up again when he will be off again for the next 5 months because he couldnt spare a precious 1 minute every 14 days for the people of whose money he´s living off...

As a sidenote: Thank you so much Tal, your doing an excellent job and way above what I would normally expect from a moderator. Trying to reach out to Josh + enforcing these rules even though you "stand on the other side" shows a strong ability to differentiate between personal opinion and the right of others to feel differently. :clap: .

Re: The General Unhappiness Thread

bkdevil wrote:
DWMagus wrote:
Victor Tombs wrote:Yes, Nathan is a good egg. :D
Some could say he is a bit over-easy though.
Argh! Pun level 99! NOW I'm unhappy!

Don't go getting scrambled over a pun or two, you might become a little too fried.
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