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Re: The New Unhappiness Thread

Side note;

Just because it may seem that some of us (mods) aren't posting, or participating doesn't mean we're not paying attention. I've personally been trying to stay out of a lot of this, so if you feel you need a more 'neutral' party in regards to mod actions (for example if Tal does something you don't care for and want a different person to hear you out), I am available.
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Re: The New Unhappiness Thread

Tribel wrote:Long time lurker here.
*dust falling off*
I have not posted anymore since before you were even on the forum, but I have been reading here continuosly since 2012. A 5th of my lifetime I have been waiting for this. When this whole project got off the ground I was just starting university and excited about LT. I still am, but when friends now ask me about that thing I showed them years ago it's a sad joke that there is nothing new to show, but the project somehow still isn't dead. This project not being done yet has been the only constant in my life for the past 5 years.

Waiting 10% of years lived (20% instead of 10% of my life so far) longer than anticipated makes me kinda unhappy. But I never lose faith. The gods are dead, in Josh we trust.

Re: The New Unhappiness Thread

Talvieno wrote:The New Unhappiness Thread
Link to the old:

In this thread, you are free to discuss your feelings of unhappiness with Josh and the Limit Theory project at large. In the previous one, we ran into some problems, so I'm laying down ground rules now. Anyone that breaks any of these rules will be subject to a warning, and then a temporary ban - no matter who they are.

If you notice anyone breaking any of these rules, please report them (and optionally PM me) so that I can deal with it. I may not always be on top of the thread, but I'll always notice a PM or a report.
  • If you have any unhappiness about Josh, the development cycle, or his lack of updates, post HERE. Do not make your own thread or it may be locked and/or deleted.
  • Do not intentionally insult anyone else, either directly or indirectly. We know you're unhappy. That's what the thread is for. Being rude takes it too far. This echoes forum rule #1: Be polite.
  • Do not try to get anyone to leave or stop expressing themselves as they choose. If you don't like the conversation here, or you feel it's too depressing, go somewhere else. We have plenty of topics here. Again: Trying to cheer someone up is fine. Telling them they shouldn't vent is not.
  • No discussion of lawsuits. That's not an attitude we want on this forum. If you're a backer and want your money back, you have two options: make a post in this thread and see if you can get someone else to buy your pledge (you probably can), or take it to the Kickstarter comments.
  • Josh is not a scammer. This is not open for discussion. He may not have made the best choices so far, but his intentions are sincere.

Thanks for reading through, and I hope we can start this new thread off on the right foot (well... all things considered ;) ). And remember, if you have any issues with my actions as a moderator, please PM me (or another mod) and I/they will discuss it with you.
The only other rule I might add would be no threats of doxxing Josh. He's entitled to his privacy.
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Re: The New Unhappiness Thread

Insanity 2013

People taking it for normal that one guy is working 7 days per week and more than 12 hours per day and kept us informed on a daily base.

Insanity 2017

People cheering up because one guy in red admin letters logged into his own forum... YEAHA *FIREWORK*.

Am I insane just wanting a normal work life balance for that guy and normal information cycle for us....just something in the middle of above states. Dont care if it goes on 2 more years if I'm informed about that.

Re: The New Unhappiness Thread

smurfer wrote:Couldn't agree more, Lemar!
+1. Then again, I know the situation around Josh, and having been in a similar situation I am sympathetic with him. And well, what's the worst that could happen? The money I've paid might be lost. That would be bad enough, but it's not the first time I've lost money in an investment that didn't work out (for me). It's not the end of the world for me. And the best that could happen is that Josh gets back to us in a few days, shows us his progress report and releases the very promising Beta in the foreseeable future. I do hope for the latter.

And now I'm back to lurking again. ^^

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