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Communication: Constructive Suggestions

It has been observed that a tiny bit of communication on the ongoing status of Limit Theory's development would greatly reduce concerns and complaints from backers and forum visitors.

But, for whatever reason, after two incredible years of daily contact, Josh has sometimes not communicated for weeks or months at a time.

So, as an effort to find a solution to this situation, I am offering my services as mediator.

Here's how it would work: Josh would give me access to the latest build of Limit Theory. I would play this build and report my observations to this forum and, if the changes are substantive enough, to the Kickstarter page.

Isn't this wonderfully simple?

Notice that Josh doesn't even have to interrupt his work to speak to me unless he chooses to do so. I could simply monitor the version number or build date, or keep an eye on the commit dates of scripts, and test the new version of LT without pestering Josh in any way.

After playing an updated version (and taking some representative screen shots), I would write up some notes describing the changes I observed, and post these to the forum, with multiple changes collected and organized for Kickstarter updates.

"But Flatfingers!" you might exclaim, "wouldn't this be a terrible strain on you?"

It's true; serving in this role would be tremendously difficult for me, taking a severe toll on my time, my energy, and possibly even my health. Playing an interim version of Limit Theory, and reporting charitably yet honestly on its new features, would be quite a commitment.

And yet, such is my respect for this community, and my support for Josh, that I undertake this sacrifice on your behalf.

You're very welcome.

Re: Communication: Constructive Suggestions

I think, given the fact that LT runs on a variety of platforms, it would be unfair of the community to expect Flat to buy a range of graphics cards and linux, windows machines of varying specs.

I propose that the community donate a small amount each month, perhaps a Patreon fund to help support the vital, selfless work that Flat is proposing. Anything we can do to help him perform what I'm sure would be an arduous, tedious task only for the community's benefit seems like a small price to pay.

I for one would happy to send Flat food parcels and toilet paper so he felt less need to leave his house and really give him the maximum LT reporting time as Community Interface.

Not sure when I last posted, but I've checked this site every day during the dark times, and it's nice to feel a little positivity back here.

Re: Communication: Constructive Suggestions

Maybe Josh should just contact some people for a play testing (wich is needed in any case before going public) but tell them, that they dont
report any details about the game. (as any game-dev studio would do before going public with the game)
Im shure Flatfingers can give valuable feedback in this case.

Or maybe he already has enough peers around him, who can give profound feedback. Who knows.

Re: Communication: Constructive Suggestions

BFett wrote:This is a good idea, but would Josh provide you with updated versions in a timely manner?
compiled versions dont need much input from josh to get to flat.

a dropbox folder with the right settings would do that :shrug:

scousematt wrote:I think, given the fact that LT runs on a variety of platforms, it would be unfair of the community to expect Flat to buy a range of graphics cards and linux, windows machines of varying specs.
flat didnt offer to do beta testing.

he just offered to monitor the game for changes and report those to the community.

that doesnt necessarily mean that he tests every version on a variety of machines.

Re: Communication: Constructive Suggestions

At this point the most constructive suggestion of communication would be simply any public communication from Josh to the community (private interaction with members of the forum does not count as disclosing public info about game content, eve if it might make individual members happy or hopeful).

Now, if the public communication is direct (by himself) or indirect (via some other member of the forums), it does not matter. Therefore, I love the idea presented here, just as I love the idea of Talvieno becoming community manager. Both, if put together, would go a long, long way in making this development process look somewhat professional.

Another idea would to chat in private with some members, regularly, about the game content, and then let these members communicate what they have talked about with Josh. Then Josh wouldn't have to stress with writting down posts or with reading/handling complains in the forums.
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Re: Communication: Constructive Suggestions

Talvieno wrote:I think Flatfingers was making a joke post. :P
It certainly looks like he was, by the tone of his writting :) But still it would be a good idea to have someone play the game, or see the game, and write about it here. Just as it would be a good idea to make you officially the community manager. Just as, I think, it would be a good idea to have a pool of regular elder forum members talk to Josh regularly via IRC **about game content** and let them bring the news.

Joking or not, "constructive suggestions" raised in me the desire to give mine :D

Re: Communication: Constructive Suggestions

Dromeda: I quite agree with you that it would be a good idea. I would quite gladly bring updates myself. :P It would fall under the requirements of my current "job", I think, and I'm already in a good position to post updates. Unfortunately my laptop is rather... subpar, to put it nicely. I had been hoping to purchase a new one around Christmas but some unexpected expenses put an end to that.

Also, thank you for the community management support. :) (On a related note, I haven't missed the "Talv for president" stuff, I just didn't know what to say to it. :P)
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