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Re: The general happiness thread


Josh is supporting pledge transfers officially, enabling many who feel the need to opt out to get a refund of their money. This is, for me, a huge step that shows faith in his project and goodwill towards the community here.


Josh has returned to communicating. Though concerns remain that this may not persist, and in particular I wonder whether it will be a lot of communication followed by another silence, this is a good sign. Should he consistently meet the expectations he has most recently set, happiness in this regard will max out the meter.


Josh will be demoing his game at PAX South, and has promised video and screenshots of said event, as well as willingness to hold a separate meeting with forum members who are unable to gain tickets to PAX. This, more than anything, is extremely promising as an indication of continued development. The presence of the LT team at PAX will be easily verfiable, and any footage taken by professionals and amateurs alike while there should be fairly accessible.


After posting some of the known difficulties with pushing past the current road block, there seems to be promising scripting options to enable LT to bypass the "FPLT" which has been indicated. While this may not result in a complete nullification of existing problems, both knowing what the current issue is (and how it is being addressed,) as well as the idea that if successful, solving this issue will lead to further content development are good things.

This is a good week for LT.

Re: The general happiness thread

Talvieno wrote:The website is going to be a big undertaking. It's been out of date for a good while. :)
Yup ._. Then again, all of this was a big undertaking. Probably would have been easier to just stay dark until I was finished :ghost:

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