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The general happiness thread

Feeling happy about the game and want to get it off your chest?

Feeling happy in general and don't know why?

Taken a mickey finn?


Or want to give a little love back to Josh (so he doesn't throw in the towel and at the same time makes a better game...perhaps within the next six months)?

Here is where to say it!

Re: The general happiness thread

This is a good idea. Thanks. :D

I like limit theory, it's one of the few games with any real scope out there. And with the almost limitless modding capability coming to it, I expect it to be truly great.

Josh has already proven that he can write massive levels of code, and produce amazing visuals. With all his Development Videos.

Now it's just a waiting game until he finally finishes his work on it.
It might take another dozen years, but that just gives me time to expand my mind and learn more about programming.

I am content to wait, some things are worth the time. :thumbup:
WebGL Spaceships and Trails
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Re: The general happiness thread

Finally, a thread for me, a person who can't ever bring herself to complain. :ghost:

I pretty much accepted that I'll never completely forget about LT so I've still been quietly following what's going on here. Josh may not be the best at communication, but he and I share the same idea of "the perfect game," except he is certainly making progress in making it real. Procedural tech is so interesting and I love everything he has shown so far, so basically I'll still be here waiting to see whatever info he finally releases.

Even if he won't take my money, I'll can still give him words of encouragement.

And these squirrels, I guess :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel:

Re: The general happiness thread

Yes, I think it's fair to say I'm generally happy. :)

I'd like to see a more communicative Josh but I understand his reticence in such matters. I'm happy he's making the game he promised to make. I'm still not convinced concerning his PCG obsession but I'm willing and happy to let him try to change my views on the matter. :angel:

Re: The general happiness thread

I've been playing Elite:Dangerous...A little Star Citizen...Some X-rebirth...Starpoint Gemini 2, Evochron Legacy, Entropy...Really having a blast with all these space games(Waiting for a price drop to get No Mans Sky.)

..Looking forward to LT...but I really can wait another 10 years...A Josh in his 30's will be a much wiser game developer. Anything he is doing now is just foundation for the future. :)

Re: The general happiness thread

I had a dream about meeting Josh last night.
Weird, I know.
But we all got in Josh's car (There were like 4 people, Josh, Alex, some one I didn't know and me) and we drove around a bit before he dropped me off at my place.
I took that car ride to tell Josh how excited his core community would still be for LT and that we all have faith in his abilities.
Also my dad apparently liked Josh in said dream, not too sure why. :ghost:
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Re: The general happiness thread

I'm happy.

My time following LT has always been enjoyable because it often prompts me to think about what the perfect space sim game would be like, how certain challenges could be addressed, what kind of hijinks I could get up to in such a game, etc.

I like thinking about games and how systems work and fit together. Just the discussion and what Josh has shared so far have given me plenty of mind candy to enjoy.

So take as much time as needed. I'm a content backer.

Re: The general happiness thread

I will say it again. I am just glad someone is at least trying to create this kind of game, it is badly needed. I am also glad that someone is taking their time to do it RIGHT. Too many games are slapped together and pushed out the door these days. Will he hit every single goal? Maybe, maybe not, but it is in the striving to do so, that great games are made. The higher you aim, the higher the results, whether you hit your target or not.

Don't under estimate the complexity of what he is trying to accomplish. If it was easy to do, it would have already been done. I am just grateful he's at least attempting to make the kind of space game I have dreamed of.

Good luck to Josh and all the rest of us. May the force be with you. :mrgreen:
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Re: The general happiness thread

i'm happy this game isn't out yet, and is getting delayed. for once, i want a game to 1) cone out complete(no man's sky :/) 2) be fun from the start and 3) be as bug free as possible.

yeah, the game would have been great had it released back around the time of the last update, but it will be even greater now.
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Re: The general happiness thread

[ OPEN ]

Go anywhere, do anything. No story, no limits, and no rules. Experience the synergy of total freedom and boundless opportunity.

[ DEEP ]

Reach beyond the usual drone of trading and mining. Build stations. Amass fleets. Explore planets. Make friends. Plan raids, ambushes, and even full-system assaults.

What other game aspires to these goals? What developer dares to strive for these objectives in their games? No game has fully realized all of these things. It's a bit more than putting a FPS and a RTS together. It's a dream for a fully immersive experience where things never get old and challenges are just around the next wormhole.

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